The Leaf Camp is an amazing Natural and Tranquil Resort in KSA
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Saudi Arabia

The Leaf Camp is an Amazing Resort for Nature and Tranquillity Lovers in Saudi Arabia



The Leaf camp is a luxurious haven of peace in the middle of the enormous Saudi desert, where the dunes dance to the gentle winds' melody.

“The Leaf” camp is a luxurious haven of peace in the middle of the enormous Saudi desert, where the dunes dance to the melody of the gentle winds.

This distinctive camp is a comfort for the spirit, fusing the allure of breathtaking scenery with contemporary architecture to provide an amazing experience for anybody wishing to get away from the stress of everyday life.


Reaching to The Leaf Camp

The King Khalid Reserve is home to “The Leaf” camp, which lies around 80 km northeast of the city centre.

The walk there transports you back in time and away from technology and the sounds of the outer world. It is recommended that guests leave their cell phones behind to truly immerse themselves in the genuine desert experience.


Design and Lodging

The camp’s opulent domes, which resemble a purple lavender plant in form, enhance the area’s natural beauty and genuineness.

Every dome has all the amenities for comfort and seclusion, as well as sweeping views of the breathtaking desert mountains, which add to the beauty and memorability of every sunset.

The Leaf comes with a basic tent that is suitable for holding events, sessions, meetings, and other purposes.


Activities and Experiences

The camp provides a wide range of activities to suit the needs of those looking for leisure and adventure.

Hiking through the valleys and hills, horseback riding, cycling, specialised yoga and sound treatment sessions, archery, and axe throwing are just a few of the activities available.

An amazing and unique experience is offered as night comes and the camp transforms into a stage for performances and meals beneath the stars.


Vision and Management

Abdul Rahman Saleh Al Madani and Ahmed Osama Arab, two Saudi engineers, oversee The Leaf Camp. They both have a passion for the outdoors and a goal of growing the travel and tourism industry in the Kingdom.

They hope to redefine comfort and luxury while also transferring the environmental and social cultures of the Kingdom via their endeavour.

The camp known as “The Leaf” offers guests more than simply a place to stay; it’s an experience that carries them on an exploration of both nature and themselves.

It is an invitation to rejuvenate energy and gather good ideas, as well as an enriching experience for the heart, mind, and senses.

Whether you want adventure, romance, or a connection with nature, “The Leaf” guarantees an amazing experience beneath the dazzling lights of the stars in the pure desert sky.