Gidori NEOM: A Golfer's Paradise Along the Seashore
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Saudi Arabia

New Gidori NEOM: A Golfer’s Paradise for Amusement Along the Seashore



Gidori project joins the list of NEOM's accomplishments, as it provides an ideal coastal location for golf enthusiasts.

The “Gidori” project joins the list of NEOM’s accomplishments. It provides an ideal coastal location for golf enthusiasts, nestled among the gorgeous coastal hills of the Gulf of Aqaba.

NEOM never ceases to astound the globe with its innovative and cutting-edge initiatives that showcase its superiority in a variety of industries, including technology, economics, sports, tourism, and entertainment.

“Gidori” will provide top-notch golf practice facilities along with a range of family-friendly events and entertainment options.

“Gidori” represents a new phase in realising NEOM’s goal of building thriving communities centred around innovation and sustainability in the future.


Unique Designs

“Gidori,” with its luxurious hospitality areas, elegant flats, and sports and entertainment facilities, will offer extraordinary living experiences. Because of its distinctive architectural designs that complement the surrounding terrain. An iconic structure that showcases the best technical advancements is located in the centre of the new destination, right in front of the beach.

The structure, which sticks out among the natural coastal scenery, will house 190 lavish residences with sea views and a variety of unique tourist attractions, such as eateries, shops, and gardens.


Global Golf Course

The new location offers a world-class golf course along with a variety of entertainment options. To support residents’ and guests’ healthy lifestyles in an elegant, contemporary setting.

The creative design, stunning seaside vistas, and state-of-the-art technology of the 18-hole Gidori Golf Course make it an ideal venue for hosting golf competitions of all levels. The course spans low hills and natural regions.

The modern golf club will give exceptional hospitality to players. The golf academy will offer traditional professional training services as well as instruction employing the newest e-sports technologies.



There are 200 upscale villas and houses around the golf course. All of which have distinctive designs and plenty of seclusion. The opulent 80-room hotel is also available for stays; it has a range of unique, contemporary rooms and suites.

The hotel has many swimming pools, a spa, a gym, restaurants, and guest lounges in addition to a distinctive theatre for entertainment events.


Perfect Environment

The environs of Gidori are perfect for outdoor pursuits including hiking, off-road cycling, and strolls.

The beach club at the new location will also provide a wide selection of water activities and experiences appropriate for all ages. Along with a high standard of hospitality and entertainment for guests and visitors.

The exploration platforms will offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience stars at night.

The announcement of “Gidori” is an expansion of a collection of eco-friendly tourism spots on the Gulf of Aqaba coast that already include “Liga,” “Ibekon,” “Serana,” “Otamo,” “Norlana,” “Aquilem,” “Zardun,” “Zinur,” and “Al-Anan.”

They are all examples of NEOM’s dedication to environmental preservation, innovation, and setting new benchmarks for sustainable coastal tourism.