Marriam Mossalli, Saudi entrepreneur, joins Powder Beauty
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Marriam Mossalli, Saudi Entrepreneur, Joins Powder Beauty as a Partner, Founder, and Chief Marketing Officer



Marriam Mossalli has joined Powder Beauty Company, a pioneer in eco-friendly beauty products, as the third co-founder and CMO.

Powder Beauty, a pioneer in eco-friendly beauty products, has announced that Saudi entrepreneur Marriam Mossalli will join the company as the third co-founder and chief marketing officer.

This partnership intends to increase Powder Beauty’s presence in the Saudi market. It will build a new headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Ms. Mossalli’s collaboration with the founding partners, Ms. Ayat Tawfiq and Ms. Amina Jariman.

The partnership also seeks to give its clients with ecologically friendly, non-animal-harming, and sustainable beauty products.

Furthermore, the meeting of the three ladies is likely to result in a beneficial shift in the distribution of beauty items throughout the region.

Ms. Mossalli will oversee the company’s marketing strategies. She will drive Powder Beauty’s rapid development, with a special emphasis on the Saudi market.

Marriam Mossalli expressed her delight and enthusiasm for this collaboration, saying, “What truly amazes me is that the Middle East has a rich tradition of natural beauty care with deep roots.”

She states: “My vision is fully aligned with Ayat and Amina’s vision. We aim to turn the “Powder” brand into a driving force behind the export of our regional and international goods and ingredients.”

In the upcoming phase of expansion, I also look forward to expanding on Powder’s accomplishments and fortifying its position.

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About Marriam Mossalli

Marriam Mossalli is a Saudi businesswoman and prominent figure in the communications and marketing industries.

Ms Mossalli is well-known in the area as an influential player in the field of women’s empowerment. Additionally, she has substantial commercial expertise, having launched Niche Arabia, a worldwide agency specialising in luxury, fashion, and digital engagement.

Ms. Mossalli believes in the importance of eco-friendly beauty products. By joining Powder Beauty, she hopes to help alter the regional beauty sector.

She is presently the co-founder and CMO of Powder Beauty.

Ms. Mossalli is particularly passionate about helping persons with different voices and unique tales, and she believes in the necessity of promoting inspiring stories on a worldwide scale.


About Powder Beauty:

Ayat Tawfiq, Amina Jariman, and Marriam Mossalli cofounded Powder Beauty.

Powder Beauty is the Middle East’s first e-commerce portal to sell high-quality beauty goods, with an emphasis on ecologically responsible items that match regional customer demands.

Powder Beauty seeks to improve consumers’ beauty and health by offering natural, safe, and effective products.

For more information, visit: