The digital sector is led by Saudi Arabia Globally
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Saudi Arabia is at the Top of the Digital Sector Globally



Digital sector technology in Saudi Arabia's is undoubtedly among the fastest-growing in the world at the moment.

Saudi Arabia’s digital technology sector is undoubtedly among the fastest-growing in the world at the moment.

According to the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Abdullah Alswaha, employment in this industry has increased noticeably over the past seven years, going from 200,000 to 354,000.

Alswaha noted that the global digital economy is growing at a rate ranging from 2 to 3% on average. In comparison, the Kingdom’s growth rate has surpassed 10% after the announcement of Vision 2030, which increased the digital economy’s worth from 298 billion riyals to 460 billion riyals.


Saudi Arabia’s Standards for Digital Sector Leadership

Alswaha emphasised the conference’s and the Leap24 exhibition’s significance in serving the nation as a cutting-edge technological movement supported by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud and originating from Riyadh to the whole globe.

Alswaha also commended the ground-breaking policies announced three years ago, suggesting that Saudi Arabia is making good on its promises. To bolster the digital economy in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding area, Google Cloud and Alibaba were introduced, along with the announcement of significant investments.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has emerged as a leader in empowering women and youth across all domains, including space, where the first Saudi Muslim woman astronaut made her space mission under the direction of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Over the last seven years, the proportion of women employed in this industry has risen from 7% to 35%, demonstrating the Kingdom’s commitment to expanding the roles of women in all industries.


How Did Saudi Arabia Come to Draw Creatives and Entrepreneurs?

The Kingdom has also drawn many talented individuals from outside, which indicates its success in drawing innovators and businesspeople from all over the world.

This development is consistent with Vision 2030, which lists digital transformation as one of its top priorities. The Kingdom has shown an incredible dedication to delivering public services online, streamlining accessibility and boosting efficacy and efficiency.

A key component of Vision 2030 was and still is the National Transformation Programme. It seeks to build the infrastructure and foster an atmosphere that allows the public, private, and non-profit sectors to accomplish their objectives.

The Kingdom is unquestionably making headway towards a bright, digital future that complies with the demands of this day and age.

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