Ramadan Iftar: A Memorable Iftar Experience in Riyadh
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A Memorable Iftar Experience During Ramadan at Reasonable Costs in Riyadh



Ramadan Iftar: Fasting folks in Riyadh are seeking the best restaurants that will serve a tasty Ramadan Iftar that symbolises spirituality.

Fasting folks in Riyadh are seeking the best restaurants that will serve a tasty Ramadan Iftar in an ambience that symbolises the spirituality of the Holy Month uniquely.

Riyadh’s restaurants compete to give the most delectable cuisine and the most beautiful Ramadan setting for families.

This post will discuss the most well-known eateries in Riyadh that provide a memorable Iftar experience throughout Ramadan.


Najd Village

Fans of both traditional and popular cuisine will find Najd Village Restaurant to be a unique location. It offers Iftar dishes for Ramadan Iftar that are influenced by the Saudi Najd tradition.

Location: Al-Takhasusi Street, Olaya District. Phone Number: + 966920033511


II Baretto

One of the greatest choices for anyone looking to try diverse Italian cuisine is the Il Barreto Restaurant.

The restaurant serves a variety of delectable Italian fare, including spaghetti and pizza, as well as sweets like tiramisu and Saudi coffee.

Location: King Abdullah Financial Centre. Phone Number: +966 9200 12508


ROKA Riyadh

During Ramadan, it provides a great selection of cuisine and attractive discounts. It also serves delectable main dishes, appetisers, and drinks.

Location: Prince Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Aziz Route, As Sulimaniyah street.  Neighbourhood. Phone Number: +966 9200 12327


Zafran Indian Bistro

For those who enjoy Indian cuisine and exotic spices, it provides a unique experience.

Location: Turki Square Mall on the Turki route. Phone Number: 966503399181+


SOE Riyadh

Here at SOE Riyadh, you may have a delectable Ramadan Iftar dinner in a lovely Ramadan atmosphere with distinctive seating options.

Location: Imam Saud Bin Abdulaziz Bin Mohammed. Phone Number: +966 9200 09877.

Families looking to enjoy Ramadan iftar in Riyadh should visit these restaurants since they provide a wide variety of menu items to suit all preferences and create an authentic Ramadan environment.