Al-Anoud Al-Qahtani, the basketball player for Saudi national team
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Saudi Arabia

Al-Anoud Al-Qahtani, the Basketball Player for the Saudi National Team



Al-Anoud Al-Qahtani, a Saudi basketball player, received the Best Player Award in the Bahrain Women's Friendly Championship final in 2022.

Al-Anoud Al-Qahtani, a Saudi national basketball team player. She received the Best Player Award in the Bahrain Women’s Friendly Championship final in 2022.


Her Beginnings in Sports

Al-Anoud Al-Qahtani received first-class honours upon graduating from business administration school.

She had an intense love for basketball and didn’t want to give up on her ambition. She continued to pursue her love of basketball by working as a personal trainer after graduating from college.

Al-Anoud began her athletic career with the encouragement of her mother, who helped her develop a passion for a variety of activities, including skating, scooters, bicycles, and swimming, which she practised on a regular basis.


Al-Anoud Al-Qahtani Awards and Achievements

In 2022, she received the Best Player Award in the final of the Bahrain Women’s Friendly Championship with the Bapco Women’s Team. This was her first international event, and she took first place. It’s also the first competition in which a Saudi professional basketball player has competed.

She had no idea that her basketball passion would lead to a professional career in which she would practise her beloved sport and make it her major source of income.

This identified her by her participation in the Titanium team and the Saudi basketball team. Both of which achieved success beginning in 2014. Since then, her squad has won titles among universities in the Kingdom.

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