Hattan Al-Saif: The First Saudi Female in Mixed Martial Arts History.
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Hattan Al-Saif: The First Saudi Female to Make a Name for Herself in Mixed Martial Arts History



Hattan Al-Saif, amazed the world with her talent and perseverance while demonstrating that Saudi ladies are capable of achieving success.

A rising star in Saudi Arabian sports, Hattan Al-Saif, amazed the world with her talent and perseverance while demonstrating that Saudi ladies are capable of achieving success and reaching the farthest reaches of the globe.


Saudi Boxer Hattan Al Saif’s Thrilling Start:

Al-Saif was born in Riyadh in 2002 and grew up with sports-loving, supportive parents.

At a young age, she started her athletic career, driven by a strong will to fulfil her ambition of reaching greater heights.

She had a special gift from an early age, drawing the interest of her trainers with her abilities and unwavering will to advance.

After taking up taekwondo, she decided to take up boxing, quickly rising to prominence in the sport.

Additionally, she had a great beginning in boxing, and when she signed a contract that included a significant promotion by the Professional Fighters Association, she was able to enter the mixed martial arts world and become the first Saudi girl to be mentioned in history in its widest sense.


An Accomplishment-Filled Journey:

Al-Saif chose to pursue achievement and advance to the professional ranks rather than limiting herself to boxing practice as a sort of exercise.

She started taking part in a lot of regional and worldwide competitions, and she earned a name for herself in the boxing world by winning several titles, including the World Championship in Muay Thai.

She additionally served as the Muay Thai Championship gold and bronze medallist.

The Kingdom’s government honoured the Saudi boxer while she was present at the tournament held at the Kingdom Arena. Prince Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Sheikh, the Minister of Sports, represented the Kingdom.


Hattan Al-Saif is the First Saudi Girl to Leave her Mark on Sports History:

This girl, in addition to practising mixed martial arts, is the first female athlete in the Kingdom.

In the Professional Fighters League, which took place in Riyadh, this fighter also prevailed against Egyptian competitor Nada Fahim, winning her mixed martial arts (MMA) combat by delivering a knockout strike in the second round.

She placed first in the world for the 45-kilogram weight class, marking the first accomplishment of its sort in the Kingdom.


Hattan Al-Saif Represents Both Challenge and Inspiration:

A generation of Saudi girls look up to the Saudi boxer because she has demonstrated that Saudi women can succeed and be brilliant in a variety of professions, including sports that are only open to men.

In addition, she works tirelessly to fulfil her goals and desires in spite of obstacles, making her a role model and challenge for all Saudi girls who aspire to reach the stars.

For a Saudi girl, Hattan Al-Saif is a commendable role model. She is an inspirational individual and a gifted athlete who has shown everyone that everything is possible if you have perseverance and passion.

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