Shahad Geoffrey, A Remarkably Talented Entrepreneur
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Shahad Geoffrey, A Remarkably Talented Entrepreneur, Transformed Saudi Fashion into a Global Phenomenon by Leveraging Technology



Shahad Geoffrey, A Remarkably Talented Entrepreneur, Transformed Saudi Fashion into a Global Phenomenon by Leveraging Technology.

Shahad Geoffrey is a Saudi entrepreneur who has elevated female corporate leadership to new heights, making her one of the Middle East’s most influential people, according to Forbes magazine.


Shahad Geoffrey: A Prosperous and Outstanding Career

She has had a career filled with hard work and ambition since she was a young child. This has led to her being recognised as one of the inspirational and pioneering Saudi women. She has helped elevate the Kingdom’s profile and validate the worth of its sons and daughters’ notable accomplishments across the globe.


A Perceptive Vision & Unique Philosophy:

According to Shahad Geoffrey, consumers can get extra services by integrating technology with fashion. Fashion is not just about design and setting new trends.

As a result, she tried to advance pre-existing notions about fashion in Saudi Arabia and the surrounding area by transferring technological advancement and applying it to the fashion industry.

However, to create unique ventures that can offer Arab young and talented chances, global technological progress is necessary.


Notable Additions to the Business Sector:

According to a poll by “Arabian Business” magazine, she ranked among the 50 most powerful women in Saudi Arabia for the year 2021 because of her creative strategy and observable accomplishments.


Her entrepreneurship philosophy:

According to Shahad Geoffrey, being an entrepreneur is a style of thinking that demands willpower, perseverance, and taking decisive action without second-guessing oneself.

She further affirms that being an entrepreneur doesn’t require you to be Superman. Rather, it just takes preparation, diligence, and a few leadership skills to put together a team, persuade them of your vision, and always act in a way that will ensure influence on your team. So, you will complete your idea and work to implement it.


Realistic Successes in the Field:

Shahad Geoffrey made a name for herself in the Kingdom at a young age, contributing to numerous enterprises and projects such as:

  • Partner, founder, and CEO of TAFFI: She offers fashion retailers in the Middle East and North Africa artificial intelligence-powered solutions, and she distributes her services to roughly 25 stores in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.
  • (Amira) platform: Shahad introduced a platform that functions similarly to an artificial intelligence-powered assistant fashion designer, offering shoppers recommendations and personalised advice based on their specific tastes.
  • Tamgo’s Marketing Analyst.
  • Director of Digital Operations at Sharbatly Club.
  • Investment analyst at Draper Associates.

In the Arab world, Shahad Geoffrey is a motivating role model for female entrepreneurship. She serves as an inspiration for what may be accomplished with determination, fortitude, and inventive thinking.

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