Arwa Al-Banawi: An Outstanding Figure in the Fashion Industry
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Saudi Designer Arwa Al-Banawi: An Outstanding Figure in the Global Fashion Industry



Arwa Al-Banawi has made a name for herself in the competitive world of fashion design. Through her ability to blend the most popular trends.

The young Saudi woman, Arwa Al-Banawi established herself in the cut-throat field of fashion design.

Through her ability to blend the most popular international fashion trends with the oriental nature of women’s clothes in the East,


Arwa Al Banawi Collaborations

The Saudi fashion designer has collaborated with several foreign businesses. However, her work with well-known brands like “Pepsi” and “Adidas” is arguably the most noteworthy factor that has contributed to her increased notoriety despite her youth.

Al Banawi started out in banking before switching to the fashion industry and attending the London College of Arts in Dubai to study fashion design.


Initiated in 2015

With the support of her family, the passionate young Arab woman was able to launch her brand in 2015 with great success.

From the start, Al-Banawi’s designs reflected a unique viewpoint loosely titled “East Meets the West.” She incorporated the newest modern fashion lines with classic tailoring in her creations.

One of her collaborations with the “Adidas” brand was the creation of the “Forum 84 Low Arwa Shoes.”


Engaging in a Global Entrepreneurship Initiative

Saudi fashion designer Arwa Al-Banawi took part in Mercedes-Benz’s “How To” campaign in 2019. It aims to uplift and empower creative individuals in the Middle East.

Various prominent figures from the worlds of fashion, music, and design participated in the campaign; Al-Banawi represented Saudi Arabia. The campaign’s theme was self-improvement, honouring the love of learning, and inspiring others to pursue their passions and advance their knowledge to forge successful careers in the fashion, music, and design industries.


Who is Al Banawi’s Clients?

Al-Banawi’s designs are typified by the Saudi heritage character. She draws inspiration from her birthplace, the Jeddah region and then combines this heritage with the newest fashion trends.

As a result, her collections feature elements of both the East and the West. Perhaps this is the reason why her designs have drawn the attention of well-known figures like Kris Jenner and Jessie J.

Al-Banawi was also able to work with widely recognised worldwide fashion labels on multiple occasions thanks to this special blend.

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