Saudi Airlines Group Secures a $19 B Contract to buy 105 Airbus
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Saudi Airlines Secures a Historic $19 Billion Contract to Purchase 105 Airbus Aircraft



The Saudi Airlines Group signed a great deal today at the Future of Aviation Conference in Riyadh in the KSA's history.

The Saudi Airlines Group achieved a great deal today at the Future of Aviation Conference in Riyadh.

They signed the biggest transaction in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s history.

This agreement demonstrates the Kingdom’s dedication to realising the objectives of its Vision 2030. As well as expanding its influence by emerging as the region’s pre-eminent logistics hub.


The Largest Transaction in Saudi Aviation History:

At the 2024 Future of Aviation Conference, the Saudi Airlines Group revealed that it had signed an amazing contract to purchase 105 Airbus aircraft.

The Kingdom wanted to build a new airport that stands out for its size, creative design, and capacity for plenty of passengers. This transaction, estimated to be worth $19 billion, was the culmination of that goal.


Aircraft Types of the Biggest Transaction in Saudi Aviation History:

This transaction featured a range of aircraft, such as:

A321 neo aircraft, which numbered 93 aircraft.

A320 neo aircraft, which numbered 12 aircraft.


The Saudi Arabian Kingdom’s Quest Towards Unity as a State:

The Kingdom intends to become an integrated nation in many domains. Therefore, its goals go well beyond simply updating its fleet and acquiring a few new planes.

It has improved its infrastructure and made an effort to draw in funding by holding several conferences, exhibits, smart tourism cities, and other events.

It also aimed to improve human skills by highlighting their awareness, and education, and help in launching their firms and attracting transactions and initiatives to meet the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.


Signing a Set of Significant Agreements at the Future of Aviation Conference:

A group of Saudi corporations signed 70 agreements with various international companies totaling approximately $12 billion.

These agreements benefit the Kingdom’s economy and help to achieve a capable and flourishing economy in its broadest sense.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s lofty goals to fulfil the goals of its Vision 2030 are a significant step towards achieving larger positions and greater perspectives for the future.

The foundation of the Kingdom is its dedication to fostering technological innovation, advancing international cooperation, and advancing national human competencies.

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