“Saudia Scent”: A Scent defines Saudi Airlines with Local Expertise
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Saudi Arabia

“Saudia Scent”: A Perfume that Sets Saudi Airlines Apart with Local Expertise



“Saudia Scent,” is used in the official Airline of KSA, the unique aroma that is extracted over two years by Saudi perfumer Bader Al-Harqan.

Saudi Airlines, the national airline of Saudi Arabia, has started utilising “Saudia Scent,” Bader Al-Harqan, a Saudi perfumer, created and extracted this distinct scent over two years.


Saudi Airlines Perfume

The perfume’s components, which showcase the diversity and natural beauty of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, came together from different parts of the nation.

This perfume stands out for its zesty, invigorating aroma that is reminiscent of lemons. It receives approval for usage on all Saudi Airlines domestic and international flights.

Saudi Airlines was particularly interested in having a Saudi citizen develop this perfume and have all of its parts made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

By promoting local businesses and talent, this decision aims to accentuate the Kingdom’s cultural legacy and sense of national identity while also bolstering the local economy.

This action has made travelling on Saudi Airlines a really unique experience for passengers, as they may relish their journey while inhaling a fragrance that captures the majesty and grandeur of the Kingdom and symbolises the warmth and friendliness that sets the Saudi people apart.


A Scent Lingers in Memory

Perfumes have a pleasant influence on the senses and emotions, which contributes to their lasting significance in travellers’ memories and offers a unique experience.

According to studies, the fragrance of perfumes may evoke certain memories and bring them back to life, therefore activating emotional memory.

Thus, a particular fragrance, like “Saudia Scent,” might bring back memories of past Saudi Airlines flights for travellers and improve their sense of harmony and belonging in their surroundings while they are on a flight.

This is in addition to the way that perfumes lift the spirit and promote psychological comfort, which enhances the pleasure of travel, particularly since Saudi Airlines provides an all-inclusive experience for passengers, to which perfume lends a distinctive charm.


One Popular Option is Fragrance

Given that scent plays a significant part in memory formation and improves the whole experience of passengers on Saudi Airlines, using perfume to help travellers create an impression of the Kingdom in their thoughts is a trailblazing choice.

Fragrance brands are one of the components that help to create a positive perception of the company and enhance the cultural identity of the Kingdom. By selecting “Saudia Scent,” it appears that Saudi Airlines hopes to increase national pride in Saudi identity and national belonging among tourists, as perfume works creatively and originally to enhance the national spirit and identity of Saudi Arabia.

The combination of service and sensory delight not only makes it stand out from other tickets in the eyes of travellers from around the globe.


To sum up

This move is a perfect illustration of how imagery serves in the aviation business to give passengers unique experiences since every piece, down to the fragrances, has been thoughtfully placed to reflect the company’s culture and beliefs.

As a result, visitors may take pleasure in a singular travel encounter and fully engage with the local customs and cultures of the destinations that the company serves.