Saudi painters, the Most Notable Who Paved the Way for Saudi Art
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The Most Notable Saudi Painters Who Paved the Way for Saudi Art



Saudi painters, a selection of well-known Saudi painters, are here. They put in a lot of effort to advance the KSA's creative landscape.

A selection of some of the most well-known Saudi painters appears here; these individuals have worked hard to enhance the Kingdom’s artistic landscape throughout the years. One of the focuses of the trends that the Saudi government focused on was breaking the stereotyped image that the media attempted to convey about cultural and artistic life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the launch of Vision 2030, the Ministry of Culture and the Entertainment and Sports Authority on behalf of the Saudi government placed a strong emphasis on helping regional artists grow and improve the Kingdom’s creative landscape. This was accomplished by creating worldwide and global initiatives, festivals, and exhibits to raise awareness of Saudi art and culture, as well as its artists and authors.

Faisal Al-Kheriji

His paintings, which combine elements of Arab and Saudi culture with those of the Cubist and Surrealist schools, have made him a well-known modern Saudi artist. He has shown his artistic creations in several art galleries around Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. Throughout the years, they have helped to promote Saudi and Arab culture.

Heba Ismail

One of the first Saudi painters in Saudi Arabia to offer their works for sale as NFTs (units of data stored in the digital record) via the Open Sea and Nuqtah platforms. They are two of the most well-known venues for this kind of transaction. Heba Ismail, a specialist in Cubism and Fauvism, is well-known for her paintings that draw inspiration from well-known worldwide painters, particularly Picasso.


RexChouk, a well-known Saudi artist, is sometimes referred to as “Saudi’s Banksy.” He conceals his identity behind his recognisable mask. He exhibits artwork that captures the millennium experience in the Arab world and beyond. In addition, he is well-known for creating an amazing array of painted murals, many of which can be found today all across the Kingdom.

Abdulnasser Gharem

A modern Saudi artist and lieutenant in the Saudi army. He is well-known for his advocacy of the arts and artists in Saudi Arabia. He is a co-founder of Edge of Arabia, a non-profit arts organisation. It supports arts education and gives modern Saudi painters a global platform.

Lulwah Al-Homoud

The first Saudi female graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins University of Arts with a master’s degree in Islamic arts. She is well-known for her highly technical artwork that creates elaborate abstract pieces on paper using Arabic letter forms. Additionally, her artwork appeared for sale in London’s renowned Sotheby’s and Bonham auction houses.

Abdullah Al-rasheed

Abdullah Al-Rasheed is famous for his human-centered artwork. He would sketch individuals and show them in various settings. By capturing the many emotions that each occasion brought to life via their features.

Sultan bin Fahd Al Saud

A modern Saudi artist transforms popular myths, legends, and intangible historical events into physical art. Most of his artistic creations reimagine the world around him in Saudi Arabia, his own nation, emphasising Saudi history and identity.

Zaman Jassim

A Saudi artist renowned for his work that blends calligraphic motions, symbols, and patterns with striking and captivating shapes. He was the 2011 Al Kharafi Biennial Awardee for Contemporary Arab Artist of Kuwait.

Tagreed Al-bagshi

Taghreed Al-Baqshi is a modern Saudi artist. She was born in the city of Al-Ahsa in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Baqshi is also a founder member of the Saudi Fine Arts Society in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, she is a member of the Fine Arts Group in Qatif. She portrays women in her artistic works, particularly Saudi women. Likewise, she highlights their resilience and strength while overcoming adversity and obstacles. Over the years, Taghreed has held numerous exhibitions both inside and outside the Kingdom (in Seoul, Germany, Argentina, India, and other places).

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