Hanaa Al-Saqqaf, her Artistry Showcases Cultural Heritage
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Hanaa Al-Saqqaf is a Saudi Artist whose Artistry Showcases Cultural Heritage



Hanaa Al-Saqqaf, a Saudi artist, learned painting and art via the Internet during the COVID-19 epidemic. She is highly passionate in heritage.

Hanaa Al-Saqqaf is a Saudi artist who learned painting and art via the Internet during the COVID-19 epidemic. She is highly passionate about protecting Saudi cultural heritage and raising awareness.

Heritage drawing have a special value for her in both the past and the present, and it is a wonderful pastime. She stated, “I love Rawasheen and drawing it.”


Hanaa Al-Saqqaf and Cultural Heritage Preservation

Through her artistic creations, such as her paintings of traditional Saudi architecture and landscapes—particularly her detailed drawings of Jeddah’s ancient city on wood—Al-Saqqaf has helped to preserve cultural heritage.

She also utilised art to voice her political opinions. For example, she protested British colonialism in Saudi Arabia by painting a Saudi soldier standing on a demolished British tank.


Using Art to Raise Awareness

Using her work, Hanaa Al-Saqqaf has attempted to bring attention to societal concerns, such as the effects of the conflict in Yemen on the masses. The devastation of their houses, their forced relocation, and the loss of loved ones are all depicted in these paintings as losses endured by the Yemeni people.

It emphasises the necessity of peace and an end to bloodshed while highlighting the human cost of conflict.

The Saudi artist conducted in-person and virtual training sessions to promote cultural preservation and archiving for future generations, to share her groundbreaking creative expertise.


Hanaa Al-Saqqaf’s Honour

Al-Saqqaf received recognition for her efforts to protect cultural heritage, especially for her paintings of traditional Saudi landscapes and architecture.

In addition, Hanaa Al-Saqqaf has made appearances on Saudi television and won awards for her contributions, which demonstrates her love of social concerns and her dedication to conserving her cultural legacy.

The remarkable Saudi artist Hanaa Al-Saqqaf has demonstrated that Saudi women are capable of achieving global recognition and projecting a dignified picture of their homeland, its citizens, and their rich cultural legacy. Her unwavering determination has allowed her to stand as a trailblazing example of inventiveness and quality.

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