Sindalah Island in the Red Sea, What Do You Know About it?
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Saudi Arabia

The Red Sea Island of Sindalah, What Do You Know About it?



Sindalah Island is a secluded retreat offering opulent experiences intended to serve as a remarkable entry point into the Red Sea.

Sindalah Island is a component of the NEOM project, a secluded retreat offering opulent experiences intended to serve as a remarkable entry point into the Red Sea.

It is located in the Red Sea and covers an area of ​​approximately 840,000 square metres.

The announcement of its development in December 2022 occurred to promote premium cruise travel and offer outstanding cruise experiences.

The island will have a yacht marina, upscale hotels, and several entertainment venues.

There are various entertainment options on Sindalah Island to accommodate a wide range of interests and inclinations.


Sindalah Island Activities

Sindalah Island offers a variety of enjoyable activities to choose from:


  • Swimming and Diving

Take in the splendour of coral reefs and vibrant underwater creatures while relaxing on white sand beaches and swimming in crystal-clear turquoise seas.

Visitors may enjoy snorkelling cruises around Sindalah Island, which is home to over 600 kinds of indigenous aquatic organisms, making it a great location to discover the Red Sea’s rich marine life and biodiversity.

NEOM adheres to high sustainability requirements to maintain this biodiversity while also delivering a unique diving experience for adventure and environment enthusiasts.


  • Surfing

The island’s powerful and diverse waves make it an excellent place to go surfing.


  • Kayaking

Kayaking the island and other islands offers a special opportunity to get up close and personal with nature.


  • Yacht Trips

To experience the splendour of the Red Sea, you may take a cruise or lease a private yacht.


  • Walking Long Distances

Numerous hiking paths take you to the top of the mountains and provide breathtaking views of the island.


  • Relaxing on the beach

Savour the tranquillity of the stunning beaches while taking in the surroundings.

Sindalah Island is a great place to travel and unwind because of all these things to do there.

In addition, Sindalah Island provides a range of exclusive visitor experiences and extravagant attractions.


Sindalah Island’s Highlights


  • Sindalah Island Playgrounds

The island offers world-class sports fields.


  • Sindalah Ice-Skating

An exceptional ice-skating encounter in the heart of the Red Sea.


  • Industrial City

There is an innovative and developed industrial metropolis on the island.


  • Yacht Marina

The marina includes 86 berths and 75 mooring buoys.


  • Rich Marine Life

The island is surrounded by more than 600 different types of native aquatic creatures.


  • Luxury Hotels and Resorts

The island includes hotels and resorts that offer ultra-luxurious levels.

As a result, Sindalah Island is an excellent choice for individuals seeking luxury and distinction in an environment that blends stunning nature with cutting-edge technology.