Shibara Island: When Breathtaking Scenery and History Collide
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Saudi Arabia

Shibara Island: When Breathtaking Scenery and History Collide in Saudi Arabia



Shibara Island is a hidden jewel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, situated on the Red Sea shore, and known for its exceptional natural beauty.

Shibara Island is a hidden jewel in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, situated on the Red Sea shore, and known for its exceptional natural beauty.

All travellers will find this island to be excellent since it is gaining popularity with tourists, naturalists, and scientists alike.


Shibara Island Location

Arguably one of the most significant islands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is situated in the Tabuk region on the Red Sea coast, northwest of Marsa Al Khawara.

Its 19.8 square kilometre territory, which stretches from the northwest to the southeast, offers tourists a wealth of breathtakingly beautiful natural areas.

Numerous small islands encircling the island are abundant in coral reefs that exhibit ecological diversity, providing a haven for a wide variety of marine species.


A Significant Scientific Breakthrough

Thanks to the discovery of living stromatolite fossils that date back about 3.5 billion years, scientists can now identify the island as one of those that contributed to the creation of life on Earth.

These organisms are unique due to their involvement in the “Great Oxygen Event,” which helped create the initial phases of life on Earth by supplying oxygen to the atmosphere early in the life-formative process.


Accommodation and Services:

Shibara Island accommodates guests in creative hotels that range between hotels on the island and hotels floating over the ocean, totaling around 73 units, providing guests with the ultimate combination of luxury, relaxation, and enjoyment of the breathtaking natural landscape.

It also offers a range of services that are outfitted with cutting-edge and creative technology, enabling guests to have a memorable trip.

The island is home to a set of floating villas that provide tourists with a one-of-a-kind experience in addition to viewing the sun’s rays reflect off the pristine seas.


Tourist Activities

This island offers much more than just rest, relaxation, and breathtaking vistas; rather, it offers a wide range of sporting and recreational opportunities.

Beginning with diving and witnessing diverse marine life and coral reefs, one may enjoy island hopping and nearby region exploration with cruises.


Tourism Development

As part of its 2030 strategy, the Kingdom is developing the island, intending to strengthen the tourist industry and promote innovation and economic diversification.

It is now one of the most opulent tourist destinations with a wide variety of contemporary entertainment options thanks to the numerous tourism initiatives that have taken place there.

With the help of engineers and designers, the Kingdom was able to protect the island’s natural environment, draw more visitors from both domestic and foreign markets, and strengthen its standing as a top travel destination.

Owing to its varied activities and stunning natural surroundings, Shibara Island is one of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s most promising tourist sites.

This island will likely develop into one of the most well-known tourist destinations and a hub for numerous travellers from all over the world with ongoing development and tourism marketing. This helps to strengthen, grow, and advance the economy in the direction of increased innovation and creativity, as well as attaining the Kingdom’s 2030 goal.

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