The Embassy of KSA in London collaborates with Jawhara Global
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The Saudi Embassy in London Honours Saudi Women’s Achievements in Culture and Art



The Embassy of KSA in London collaborates with Jawhara Global, a British Foundation, to honour Saudi women's culture & arts.

The Embassy of Saudi Arabia in London hosted a discussion session titled “Women, Culture and Art: A Saudi Experience that Goes Beyond the Sand Dunes.” In collaboration with the British Foundation “Jawhara Global.” 

This session intends to showcase Saudi women’s great achievements in the realms of culture and art. Furthermore, their position as active and prominent members of society.


Saudi Women: a Remarkable Presence, Universal Admiration

Attendees at the event held in the embassy included several Saudi individuals residing in London, British nationals, and prominent figures such as CEOs, diplomats, and professional specialists.

In the speech, the Ambassador of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to the United Kingdom, His Royal Highness Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, commended the remarkable accomplishments of Saudi women. He highlighted their significant contributions in diverse fields and their role in attaining sustainable development.

The following were the discussion’s main points:

The discussion session in the embassy included the recognition of several famous Saudi women in the arts and culture. Among the most important subjects of the session were:


Saudi women’s role in culture and the arts:

Visual Arts: Highlighting the inventiveness of Saudi women in the sculpting, photography, and plastic arts disciplines.

Poetry and Literature: Talking about how Saudi women’s outstanding poetry and literary works have enhanced Arabic literature.


Strengthening Saudi cultural identity:

Heritage Preservation: Talking about how Saudi women work to preserve and pass on their country’s customs and cultural legacy to the next generations.

Cultural exchange: Talking about how to organise joint events and exhibitions to improve artistic and cultural exchanges between the Kingdom and other nations.


Saudi women’s experience in the arts:

Success Stories: An overview of the obstacles Saudi women pioneers in art and culture overcame to succeed in their occupations.

Worldwide exhibitions and participation: talking about Saudi women artists’ involvement in international shows and their impact on the world of art.


Women’s Empowerment in the Arts and Culture:

Governmental initiatives: Showcasing programmes like Vision 2030 and the Quality-of-Life Programme that promote women’s empowerment in the arts and culture.

Institutional support: Talking about how Saudi Arabia’s cultural and artistic institutions help Saudi women artists by giving them the right conditions to be creative.


Saudi women’s opportunities and challenges in the arts and cultural fields:

Challenges: Talking about the obstacles Saudi women encounter in the arts and cultural industries and how to get past them.

Opportunities: Examining the opportunities Saudi women have in the arts and culture. Likewise, discussing ways to invest in them to succeed.

The discussion is a component of an initiative to highlight the achievements of Saudi women in the arts and culture. Moreover, to acknowledge their successes, and to highlight their capacity for overcoming adversity.

The Kingdom hopes to convey an integrated picture of Saudi women as vital and prominent participants in the cultural and creative spheres. As well as a unique Saudi experience that goes beyond the country’s boundaries and sand dunes to the international arena.

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