Smart Homes is Being Led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE
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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and the UAE are Spearheading the Push to Smart Homes



Smart Homes is Being Led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, topping the Middle East in implementing smart home technologies.

Considering how quickly the globe is going digital, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are leading the Middle East in implementing smart home technologies.

The two nations have made impressive strides in the last year to bring the percentage of smart home users to almost 50%.

Technology advancements and the emergence of embedded computing capabilities led to a massive boom in the smart home devices market, as evidenced by the explosive growth in the number of Amazon-produced smart “Alexa” devices, which reached nearly 6 million devices, a 90% increase.


What do Smart Homes Entail?

These homes are popular for having highly sophisticated technology installed that enables automated and integrated control of numerous household systems and appliances.

These homes’ cutting-edge systems and features also enable users to operate them from a distance using the Alexa voice assistant. Users may ask the assistant for anything, and it will respond right away.

By employing a variety of remote monitoring and control systems and voice commands or Alexa-enabled devices, these technologies help to improve security.

Additionally, by automating several chores that previously would have required more time and effort, these technologies also make daily living easier.

Users engage with this automated assistant because of its proficiency in the Gulf dialect and capacity to supply the resources and assistance required for its growth and success on multiple fronts.


What Separates Conventional Homes from Smart Homes

Integrated technological systems that automate duties define smart homes; traditional homes rely on individual equipment that needs to be operated manually and occasionally monitored or kept close.

A request from the voice assistant enables several integrated smart technologies to be managed concurrently, seamlessly, and dynamically in these houses, making life there more efficient and comfortable.

Many users have expressed their satisfaction with the smart home’s assortment of products from prestigious brands, which interact with the voice assistant automatically and open up new possibilities for users that they would not have seen in a traditional home.


Advantages of Making the Transition to Smart Homes

Advanced homes have several benefits, such as:

  • Increasing energy efficiency by controlling heating and cooling systems in a more sophisticated and creative way.
  • Securing the necessary high-quality service and enhancing security using remote monitoring and control technologies.
  • Streamlining everyday living by automating repetitive chores, assisting residences in being environmentally sustainable, and conserving resources.
  • People with special needs can live fantastic lives in innovative houses that help them meet all of their needs and lessen the obstacles they confront.
  • The capacity to use modern technology and creative methods to communicate with people both inside and outside of the house.


Smart Home Features

These residences provide a variety of characteristics, most notably:

  • Easy control of smart home gadgets.
  • Using an automated helper for daily activities and prioritising critical work.
  • Offering revolutionary solutions and creating a memorable experience.
  • Demonstrating advanced abilities and efficiency while interacting with users and fulfilling their requests.
  • Users can watch live feeds from multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • Advanced technology enables those with special needs to communicate with friends abroad.
  • Smart homes are affordable, ranging from 200 Saudi riyals to 53 US dollars. People can also get discounts and use this technology by spending less than 100 Saudi riyals.
  • It is founded on advanced artificial intelligence technology, allowing users to access the best services from any device compatible with Alexa. This leads to further development and innovation.
  • Providing comprehensive privacy protection for users.


Smart Transformation and its Economic Benefits

Transforming into these homes helps to sustain the Saudi economy and promotes a world of innovation and excellence by creating numerous new job possibilities in technology, construction, and maintenance.

Increasing people’s productivity and giving them the time and energy savings to finish their work and investments.

It serves as a hub for Arab and foreign investments by enhancing infrastructure and offering state-of-the-art services that were not available a few years ago.

The leadership of the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is primarily indicative of their dedication to a forward-looking vision that embodies the principles of success and advancement, as well as integrated and intelligent sustainability.

The two nations are seeing improvements in the quality of life and the expansion of their economies due to the ongoing technical advancements, growth, and appearance of numerous novel technologies and solutions.

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