The Qiddiya Performing Arts Centre in Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia Opens the Qiddiya Performing Arts Centre: The City’s First Cultural Landmark



The Qiddiya Performing Arts Center's inauguration is part of Saudi Arabia's efforts to preserve and promote its cultural heritage.

The announcement of the Performing Arts Center’s inauguration in Qiddiya has taken place as part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to conserve and promote its rich cultural heritage.

This one-of-a-kind cultural structure will be a shining example of inventiveness and ingenuity, greatly boosting Saudi Arabia’s cultural landscape both locally and internationally.

Qiddiya Investment Company’s decision to open the Performing Arts Centre, the first cultural monument in the city of Qiddiya, represents the company’s unwavering dedication to fostering Saudi talent and enhancing the Kingdom’s cultural landscape.

The centre is a significant addition to Qiddiya’s array of tourism and entertainment offerings. They aim to create a remarkable destination that fulfils the expectations of tourists from across the globe.

The Performing Arts Centre is set apart by its distinctive architecture, which captures the essence of real Arab culture.

To provide an amazing experience for the audience, the centre also uses the most recent global technology in the field of musical and theatrical acts.

It seems likely that the centre would welcome over 800,000 people a year. It will transform into a creative hub that enhances Saudi Arabia’s standing in the world of culture.


Highlights of Qiddiya’s Performing Arts Centre

Featured Site

The Performing Arts Centre enjoys a prime site with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape as it perches on the edge of the Tuwaiq Mountains’ slopes.


Dedication to Originality and Creativity

The centre is an embodiment of Qiddiya’s steadfast commitment to promoting creativity and innovation in the artistic and cultural spheres.

Every year, the centre presents over 260 internal and external events, ranging from rich artistic and cultural events to a variety of musical and theatrical productions.


Outstanding Facilities

The centre has many cutting-edge amenities that offer a distinctive cultural experience, such as:

  • Main theatre: It can accommodate 2,400 people and hosts top-notch musical and dramatic productions.
  • Three experimental theatres: Combine state-of-the-art kinetic and digital technology to provide a 360-degree viewing experience.
  • Plateau Theatre: It offers family-friendly programming and has a breathtaking perspective of the city’s lower plateau.
  • Adjustable Suspended Theatre: It has 500 fixed seats at the top and allows the stage area and design to change depending on the kind of performance.


A Leading Cultural Icon

One of Qiddiya’s most prominent cultural icons, the Performing Arts Centre plays a vital role in both exposing and conserving Saudi culture abroad.

The centre is a representation of Qiddiya’s ethos, which aims to dismantle all boundaries and offer an expansive area conducive to invention and creativity.


Modern Design and Sophisticated Technology

The Performing Arts Centre stands out for its distinctive modern architecture. It blends contemporary design elements with a rich cultural past.

To provide the audience with a remarkable cultural experience, the centre uses the newest worldwide technology in the fields of musical and dramatic performances.


Empowering Saudi Talent

Growing Saudi talent in a range of cultural and creative domains is a top priority for the Performing Arts Centre.

The centre supports Saudi artists and gives them a platform to showcase their work to the public through a variety of programmes and events.

The brand-new centre concentrates on developing Saudi talent and providing innovative experiences, utilising technology such as:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Artificial intelligence

Apart from organising cutting-edge theatrical productions that push beyond the boundaries of conventional theatre, the centre will serve as a breeding ground for youthful Saudi talent, offering ample resources and instructional opportunities to develop the next wave of authors, producers, and performers

This will solidify the centre’s standing as a pioneer in delivering exceptional and one-of-a-kind performance experiences.


An Exceptional Chance to Shop and Have Fun

As the nation’s pre-eminent theatre, the performing arts centre promises to provide a substantial economic contribution to the Kingdom.

In addition to helping to improve the workforce and boost the local economy, the centre will provide thousands of job opportunities in more than 100 different specialities.

The recently constructed performing arts centre embraces Qiddiya’s integrated environment design concept, blending in harmoniously with the surrounding locations.

The centre provides a wide range of retail and leisure alternatives besides theatrical and musical acts, providing a rich and diversified cultural experience.

The centre offers residents and guests a special chance to experience a range of food alternatives in addition to theatres and performance venues. Among these choices are eateries that provide a variety of international cuisines to suit the preferences of each guest.

The centre has specialised retail areas where guests may discover a variety of goods and mementoes.

Additionally, the centre is a great place to spend a fun and productive time because it provides educational entertainment activities that are appropriate for all family members.


The Performing Arts Centre’s Aims

The site will add the following to its cultural offerings:

  • Planetarium.
  • Art exhibition.
  • Green spaces.
  • Architectural design that captures the spirit of the city symbolically.
  • A promenade winding through the Tuwaiq Mountain slopes descends to a somewhat covered area underneath the centre. It offers a vantage point over the whole city.
  • The foyer of the centre emits a waterfall, which helps to cool the surroundings.

The Performing Arts Centre is a cornerstone of Qiddiya’s purpose. It is dedicated to innovation and variety while also respecting Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage.


Qiddiya’s Sports and Entertainment Attractions

The Performing Arts Centre emerged as the first landmark in Qiddiya Cultural City. After the presentation of five significant entertainment and sports monuments which include:

  • Gaming and e-sports area
  • Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium
  • Speed ​​track
  • Dragon Ball Amusement Park
  • Six Flags and Aquaribia water park in Qiddiya

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