From a small-scale store to an online shopping platform on eBay: How did Mohammad Agha do it?!
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From a small-scale store to an online shopping platform on eBay: How did Mohammad Agha do it?!



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Translated By: Shiffa Alaa

“Almaskiya” online store on eBay received an evaluation of a 100% in a very short time. Mohammad Agha; its founder, was honored by the eBay in an event held in the company’s London headquarter with the presence of prominent online platform leaders, and major businessmen working in the field. He was part of a documentary where he discussed his successful marketing story through the well-known online website, eBay. Arabisk London magazine met with Mohammad Agha for an interview;

As an Arab living in the United Kingdom, how did that contribute in terms of making your own online platform through eBay?

Through my interactions with the Arab community in the United Kingdom, I noticed that products needed by Arabian families were lacking. This pushed me towards collecting more information regarding those products, and importing them. This was followed by the most important step taken in my career path, where I launched an Arab online store on eBay. This store played an important role in marketing products both inside and outside the UK to Arab communities living in Canada, Australia and America; as they too are in need for these necessities provided by my store

What are your store’s competitive advantages that make it stand out?

Our products’ description is in Arabic, and we provide easy access to us through Google search. We also have pocket-friendly prices that can be attained through simple and secure means.

Almaskiya store got a 100% in evaluation from eBay, what is your secret?

We take extra care of our customers’ comments, as it provides us with immaculate details. We also work on a fast response rate to our comments. Our presence on eBay helped increase our customer count significantly as some purchases through our online store are carried out by customers who just signed up to eBay all to-gather.

What pushed you to provided courses that taught online trading?

When I first started on my venture on eBay, I had no one to guide me through the correct means and tools that helped me work on this platform, and with the ever-rising number of Arabs in Britain, I found that trading through eBay provided an opportunity that could be used to implement small and large scale business projects. I believe that online marketing can include new traders looking to carry out their various ideas and views. That is why I provide the technical support needed for these ventures in terms of ways to deal with trading partners who provide shipping and secure payment services.

Have you ever considered launching your own online trading platform?

Definitely, I aspire to have my own store alongside my eBay store; however first, I think that eBay provides several promising opportunities that should be invested in.

After your organization of several workshops on eBay, how do you see the future of online trading?

I think traditional stores are on the decline and that the future does indeed belong to online trading. Online trading is the current reality and the future because running an online store is easier and doesn’t require rigid commitments to working hours on both the customer and retailers end which can be quite convenient for both parties and more befitting of the modern way of life.