"Wael Jassar" the great artist is an ambassador of peace and goodwill for the Arab-European Center Arabisk London
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“Wael Jassar” the great artist is an ambassador of peace and goodwill for the Arab-European Center




The Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law announced selecting the great Lebanese artist “Wael Jassar” to be an ambassador of peace and goodwill in recognition of his high efforts in the field of humanitarian, social and artistic work, following his nomination by Dr. Asma Ben Said, Vice President of International Relations and Diplomacy of the Center and the approval of all members of the jury and selection in 17 countries for this nomination.

The center stated that the artist Wael Jassar is highly appreciated in the Arab society for his outstanding social and human works of art. He is considered one of the best personalities who have had a positive impact on the Lebanese and Arab communities.
He has participated in many artistic, community and humanitarian initiatives which confirm his prominent role in crises and tribulations and his permanent support for the community. He made an artistic link across borders and continents and carried the message of peace, social coexistence and rejection of violence.
The Center has honored the most influential artistic figures in their communities believing that art is a noble message to support and choose who represents it to be an ambassador for peace.
The Arab-European Center is an independent, non-profit and voluntary international organization approved by the Norwegian authorities in 2006 and registered with the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights