Libyan Academic Huda Alubaidy to be an ambassador for Peace and Good Intentions
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Libyan Academic Huda Alubaidy to be an ambassador for Peace and Good Intentions



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The Arab-European Center for Human Rights and International Law has chosen Dr. Huda Rajab Alubaidy for membership and the title of Ambassador for Peace and Goodwill in the Kingdom of Norway.

Dr. Huda was selected for her cultural, humanitarian, social work and voluntary efforts. Her participation in many community initiatives has confirmed the importance of her role in supporting the culture of coexistence and spreading the values of peace inside and outside Libya.

She was nominated as a goodwill ambassador by the nomination of the Deputy Public Relations, International and Diplomatic Relations and Public Relations Advisor of the Office of the President of the Center’s Advisory Board, Dr. Asma Bin Saeed

Dr. Huda stated that she is glad to be nominated for this role and awarded this title confirming her full support for any humanitarian work in Libya to promote the culture of coexistence. She also explained that she will work hard to promote social peace and establish human rights culture through holding meetings and conferences concentrating on peace and all initiatives in the field.

It is mentioned that she has held several positions in universities in Libya, published many research publications and won numerous awards in her field.

Under the UN Charter, which was approved by the Norwegian authorities in 2006, the Arab-European Centre operates as an internationally accredited, independent, non-political, voluntary and non-profit organization.