Khalaf Al Habtoor wonders to put his country on the Red List
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In a letter to Johnson… Khalaf Al Habtoor wonders to put his country on the Red List




The UAE billionaire Khalaf Al Habtoor , Chairman of the Dubai National Insurance and Re-Insurance Company, sent a letter to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressing his surprise that the UAE has been placed on the Red List in dealing with the “Corona” crisis.

 Khalaf Al Habtoor

Khalaf Al Habtoor commented on the press conference delivered by the British Minister of Transport, expressing his surprise that the Emirates had been placed on the Red List, asking what criteria had been adopted in that classification.

He added that the UAE has taken health measures to confront the virus, which he described as the best measures taken globally, noting the number of infections in the country was low and that Abu Dhabi was advanced in the vaccination of the population.

He also confirmed that there was considerable discipline on the part of the population, regardless of age, in applying health and preventive instructions against the virus.

He wondered why Britain had placed the Emirates on the Red List, which he considered an “arbitrary” procedure.

According to the Emirates News Agency, (WAM) the UAE government’s official reports confirm that they have achieved significant results in dealing with the new coronavirus crisis across various sectors.

According to WAM, the Emirates has reaped the efforts of its successful policy response to the Covid-19 crisis in recent months.

It described the approach as “balanced”, considering the two aspects of the equation associated with the crisis, health and the economy.

The UAE has presented one of the most successful models of coexistence with new situations, or what has become known as “new reality”.

These include careful steps and procedures to ensure the continuity of the educational and health systems, the recovery of the economic and commercial sectors, the partial return of tourism and recreational sectors, and have defined the features of life after the crisis.

The recent report of the Global Entrepreneurship Index 2020 announced that the UAE is ranked first in the Arab world and second globally in its response index regarding managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

The UAE is steadily moving into the herd immunity phase after total vaccine doses neared 14 million by mid-June.

The UAE leads the world in the rates of receiving the new Coronavirus vaccines. The efforts and active global partnerships have resulted in an abundance and diversity of vaccines. They have adopted four types of vaccines: Sinopharm, Pfizer-Biontec, Sputnik V and Oxford-AstraZeneca.

The UAE follows up inoculations with its own methodology of testing. This testing aims to investigate and reduce the spread of the virus through extensive testing of different segments of society.

Among the world’s leading countries that have tested the Coronavirus relative to the total population, the total number of tests in the UAE is over 11 million.

In the most recent official statistics, the total number of people living with the virus in the Emirates was 533,000, of which 513,000 were cured, while 1,607 died of the virus infection.