Mama Rita ’s ‘Fresh Fruit Paradise’: Now Available at Starbucks!
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Mama Rita ’s ‘Fresh Fruit Paradise’: Now Available at Starbucks!




Find everyone’s favourite treat, created by Mama Rita, in Starbucks stores across the UAE. 

 Starting September 13thMama Rita’s beloved ‘Fresh Fruit Paradise will be available in Starbucks stores across the UAEFor Starbucks goers, the absolute classic combo of a coffee paired with Mama Rita’s Fresh Fruit Paradise is a match-made in, well… paradiseWorking as a filling breakfast treat or as a delightful afternoon snack in the summer heat, what’s not to love? 

 A crowd favourite ever since Mama Rita launched just 1 year ago in the UAE, the jar of fruity goodness has carefully selected fruits and nuts by Mama herself. This homey, vegan-friendly recipe consisting of layers of avocado purée, fresh cut fruits, aromatic mango purée and generous toppings of crunchy soaked pine nuts, pistachios and almonds is now available at Starbucks stores, Drive-Thru and even on delivery. 

 “We are beyond excited to have Mama Rita’s very own creation available with a global brand like Starbucks, cementing our shared brand values of quality and innovation.” Jessica Kahawaty, CEO and Co-Founder of Mama Rita

For when you want a delicious but healthy snack, there is a new treat at StarbucksWe are very excited to add this Mama Rita favourite to our ever-growing menu of fresh and nutrient rich options at Starbucks.’’ Elisabetta Aiello, Starbucks Marketing Director.  

With food transparency at the forefront of this product, Mama Rita’s Fruit Paradise includes a special QR code found on the back of the jar that includes information for those who like to delve deep into their ingredients. Mama Rita’s QR code informs customers of the ingredient country of origin and key mental and physical benefits the Fruit Paradise presents – From kiwis, rich in vitamins and antioxidants to boost the immune system to avocados carrying serotonin, the feel-good chemical that alters your mood, for the better.  


Mama Rita’s Fresh Fruit Paradise is now available in Starbucks stores across the UAE. Make sure to include Mama Rita’s Fruit Paradise in your daily routine as an overall deliciously healthy, homemade alternative. It’s time to snack on this!