First-ever renewable energy-powered E-bicycle charging station launched by Museum of Future
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First-ever renewable energy-powered E-bicycle charging station launched by the Museum of Future




Enertec, a Kuwaiti holding company specialising in investing and developing sustainable solutions, has introduced 5,000 electric delivery bikes in the UAE.


This announcement is part of Enertec’s mission to assist the United Arab Emirates in achieving carbon neutrality in the automotive industry by 2050.


By the end of 2026, the company hopes to have eliminated roughly 20,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually by using renewable energy for charging.


At the Dubai Museum of the Future, the country’s first renewable energy-powered electric bicycle charging station was unveiled.


The platform runs on solar-powered charging stations and employs a smart mobile application to find the closest charging station and batteries that can be quickly reserved and switched out for last-mile delivery drivers.


Electric bicycles not only benefit the environment but also delivery drivers by offering comfort, safety, and efficiency. They also help to improve air quality and reduce noise in urban areas.


Ammar Shehab, CEO of Enertec’s Investments and Projects, commented on the launch, saying: “We are dedicated to assisting the United Arab Emirates in their efforts to achieve climate neutrality, and we think that electric bicycles are a practical means of lowering carbon emissions in the delivery sector.

By 2030, we seek to have 50% of UAE delivery fleets riding electric bikes.”

He continued, “We are pleased to collaborate with His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Dalmouk Al Maktoum to introduce this significant initiative.

We believe this project will help to solidify the UAE’s standing as a top travel destination for sustainable mobility.”