Artificial Intelligence: The World's First Nation, is Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: The First Globally with Artificial Intelligence



Artificial Intelligence: Saudi Arabia currently ranks highest in the Government Strategy Index for Artificial Intelligence.

The Government Strategy Index for Artificial Intelligence currently has Saudi Arabia at the top. It is outperforming over 60 global countries in the field.

The global classification for AI includes more than 100 criteria distributed across seven indicators, including government strategy, research and development, competencies, infrastructure, operational environment and trade.


Saudi Arabia is the First in Artificial Intelligence

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia achieved first place in the government strategy index for AI. It ranked 31st in the general total of indicators issued by Tortoise Intelligence.

Tortoise Intelligence is a global company that includes experts in the field of AI from different parts of the world.


The AI Scale’s Classification Criteria for Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was able to achieve 100% in the index criteria. It includes the presence of a dedicated and approved national strategy for AI, the presence of a government agency dedicated to artificial intelligence, as well as allocating funding and budget for AI, and setting and following up on national goals for artificial intelligence.

From an early period, Saudi Arabia showed great interest in AI. As the SDAIA led to the establishment of the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority.


Saudi SDAIA Authority for AI

SDAIA leads the national direction for data and AI, seeks to achieve the aspirations of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s mandate, and works to achieve the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

SDAIA Academy seeks to build, qualify, and empower national capabilities in data, artificial intelligence, and the basics that enable them.

In addition to preparing and implementing skills development programs and initiatives within the national strategy for data and AI.

The National Strategy for Data and AI was developed to unify efforts, implement national initiatives in these two fields, and make the most of them.