Saudi Arabia jobs: Real estate salaries up to $73k per month, 80% of workers expect a bonus this year
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Saudi Arabia jobs: Real estate salaries up to $73k per month, 80% of workers expect a bonus this year




Saudi Arabia’s real estate industry is home to the highest paying job roles in the country, recruitment specialist Cooper Fitch found in its annual salary guide and hiring insights report.


The report, which identifies key trends for the year, is developed as guide for jobseekers, hiring managers, and encloses salary benchmarks, insights and key positions across various sectors in the UAE.

Cooper Fitch expects salaries in Saudi Arabia will increase by 3% in 2023.

This year has seen a significant uptick in recruitment, with high levels of activity in all sectors. Real estate in particular have seen recruitment in Saudi Arabia in 2022.

57% of organisations surveyed by Cooper Fitch in Saudi Arabia increased the size of the workforce this year. The same figure expect to make increases next year, with just 25% planning to reduce headcount.

Cooper Fitch founder and CEO Trefor Murphy said: “Although the price of oil contracted in the latter part of the year, the per-barrel cost of brent crude, which peaked in June, had a positive impact on Saudi Arabia’s jobs market during 2022.

“Moreover, sustained government investment has enabled a slew of mega and giga-projects to proceed apace, boosting recruitment within the country’s project management and development segments.”

43% of people surveyed by Cooper Fitch expect salaries to increase next year, compared to 39% reporting salary hikes this year. The picture for bonuses was much rosier. 81% expect firms to pay annual bonuses based on this year’s financial performance.

Trefor Murphy said: “A staggering 81% of those surveyed reported their intention to deliver annual bonuses. For context, only 68% of respondents to our 2022 survey planned to pay bonuses based on their financial performance in 2021.

Of those intending to issue payouts, the most significant proportion (26%) expect the amount to come to one month’s gross salary. Approximately 17% of respondents plan to pay two months’ gross salary, 19% said three months, 8% said four months, and 2% said five months.

One in 10 employees working for the firms surveyed can expect annual bonuses amounting to six months’ gross salary. Industries represented in this category include aviation and aerospace, banking, financial services, investment management and government relations

The Cooper Fitch 2023 Salary Guide includes benchmarks on key sectors including real estate, banking and technology.

Below are selected positions and highest available salaries in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia banking jobs

Head of Private Banking SR179,000

Managing Director SR148,000

Head of Corporate Banking SR145,000

Chief Compliance Officer SR125,000

Chief Risk Officer SR105,000

Saudi Arabia human resources jobs

Chief Shared Services Officer SR152,000

Chief Human Resources Officer SR142,000


Vice President Human Resources SR111,000

Executive Director Human Resources SR101,000

Executive Director Support Services91,000

Saudi Arabia investment management jobs

Chief Investment Officer (Public) SR210,000

Chief Investment Officer (Private) SR158,000

Head of Investments (Public) SR148,000

Managing Director of Investment Banking SR148,000

Senior Director of Investment Banking SR115,000

Saudi Arabia legal jobs

Partner of US/UK private practice SR263,000

Senior partner of regional private practice SR232,000

Chief legal officer SR137,000

Junior partner of US/UK private practice SR126,000

Counsel of US/UK private practice SR105,000

Saudi Arabia manufacturing jobs

Managing Director SR131,000

Operations Director SR113,000

Chief Production Officer SR83,000

General Manager SR81,000

Head of R&D SR48,000

Saudi Arabia public sector jobs

Governor SR237,000

Deputy Minister SR184,000

Vice Governor SR158,000

Chief Economist SR137,000

Chief of Staff SR137,000

Saudi Arabia real estate jobs

Chief Development Officer SR273,000

Chief Projects Officer SR253,000

Executive Director of Development SR179,000

Executive Director of Project Delivery SR168,000

Executive Director of Design SR152,000

Saudi Arabia senior finance jobs

Group Chief Financial Officer (Large Local groups/MNCs) SR202,000

Chief Financial Officer (Large Local groups/MNCs) SR142,000

Chief Financial Officer (SME) SR111,000

Finance director (Large Local groups/MNCs) SR81,000

Finance director (SME) SR69,000

Saudi Arabia technology jobs

Chief Information and Technology Officer SR126,000

Chief Digital Officer SR126,000

Chief Information Security Officer SR115,000

Chief Product Officer SR105,000

VP of Digital Transformation SR105,000

Cooper Fitch has also released a 2023 salary guide for the UAE. See what workers in the UAE can expect to earn in 2023.