Engineering the Future of the Middle East": A Resounding Success Engineering the Future of the Middle East": A Resounding Success
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Engineering the Future of the Middle East”: A Resounding Success




The enlightening in-person seminar, “Engineering the Future of the Middle East”, recently held at King’s College London, concluded with resounding success. Organised by London Premier Centre in partnership with King’s College London and the Arab Society within King’s College London, the seminar was the epitome of knowledge sharing and intellectual synergy.


Two distinguished presenters and a deft moderator provided insights into the Middle East’s multifaceted engineering challenges and opportunities, covering essential topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Reinforced Learning, Smart Cities and Sustainability, leaving the audience inspired and informed.


Engineering the Future of the Middle East

The seminar was made possible through the remarkable collaboration between London Premier Centre, a leading training provider known for its commitment to professional development and education, King’s College London, one of the world’s most prestigious universities, and the Arab Society within King’s College London, which endeavours to create awareness and foster discussions on Middle Eastern affairs.

This partnership signifies the synergy between academia and industry in addressing global issues and the importance of fostering dialogues pertinent to the growth and sustainability of regions like the Middle East.

The audience was captivated by the in-depth presentations made by two esteemed speakers (Samer Muhandes and Dr Jabir Al-Ani), who brought a wealth of experience and knowledge in the engineering domain. They addressed the Middle East’s past, present, and future engineering landscape through data, anecdotes, and interactive discussions.

They shed light on infrastructure development and current mega-innovative projects such as NEOM and The Mukaab, sustainable practices, technological innovation, and the role of young engineers in shaping the future.


Engineering the Future of the Middle East

Equally commendable was the moderator’s performance (Andy Lettings), whose skilful steering of the seminar ensured a seamless flow. The moderator’s incisive questions and engagement with the presenters and the audience fostered an environment of thought-provoking discussions. Through the facilitation of Q&A sessions and interactive panels, the moderator ensured that diverse perspectives were brought to the fore.

London Premier Centre thanks King’s College London and the Arab Society for their invaluable partnership in this venture. The remarkable turnout and the positive feedback from participants indicate the significance of such events in contemporary times.


Engineering the Future of the Middle East

London Premier Centre also extends its warm thanks to the presenters for their enlightening talks and the moderator for ensuring the seminar’s success. A special note of thanks goes to the attendees, whose keen interest and active participation significantly contributed to the seminar’s triumph.

As the curtain falls on this successful seminar, London Premier Centre is invigorated to continue its dedication to education and professional development. The hope is that this seminar will be the beginning of many such collaborations, collectively contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for the Middle East and the world at large.

We can’t wait to see you attending our next seminar on the 3rd of August 2023 to discuss Finance for Higher Education which will also be in collaboration with Kings College London.


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