Expo 2030 in Riyadh generates 250 thousand jobs
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Expo 2030 in Riyadh generates 250 thousand jobs




Saudi Minister of Tourism announced that Expo 2030 Riyadh is expected to generate 250,000 jobs during the International Labour Market Conference in Riyadh.


According to Minister Al-Khatib, the travel and tourism industry employed 330 million people in 2019 before the pandemic struck, accounting for 10% of the world labour market.


In addition, he highlighted the significance of paying attention to the jobs that are being lost in other industries, since the pandemic caused the loss of 60 million jobs in the hotel and airline industries.


Minister Al-Khatib continued, saying that the tourism industry is one of the key sectors for future growth because it accounts for 10% of all jobs in the labour market globally.


He also emphasised how crucial it is for the tourism industry to maintain its human element. Because it is essential to the exchange of cultures between the various nations we visit.


Minister Al-Khatib noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s national tourism strategy seeks to increase the gross domestic product in this industry from 3% to 10% by 2030, necessitating the creation of one million new jobs in the field.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is concentrating on the tourism industry’s sustainability, according to Minister Al-Khatib. Other goals include doubling the number of services offered, guaranteeing that there are adequate jobs for people, and maintaining the area as a popular tourist destination.


Expo 2030 Riyadh’s Economic Impact

Saudi Arabia is anticipated to see significant economic growth as a result of Expo 2030 Riyadh.

An estimated 25 million people are expected to attend the exhibition, which is projected to bring in 100 billion Saudi riyals in revenue for the country.

Additionally, Expo Riyadh is anticipated to boost employment prospects across a range of industries, including travel, lodging, hotels, and hospitality, as well as draw in more foreign capital to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.