Aquellum is the Tourism and All-Encompassing Sustainability title
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Aquellum is the Tourism and All-Encompassing Sustainable development’s Title



“Aquellum,” is unveiled by the NEOM board of directors, featuring its newest luxury destination located among the mountains.

“Aquellum,” is unveiled by the NEOM board of directors, featuring its newest luxury destination located among the mountains.

It will form a community inspired by the future lifestyle, following Liga, Ibecon, Serana, Otamo, and Norlana.

It consists of flats, hotels, and other types of buildings that provide outstanding experiences backed by creative architectural designs that stay up to date with the best engineering ideas and the newest technological advancements.


Neom’s Dedication to Nature and Innovation

The recently disclosed information by NEOM management aligns with the tactics implemented by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its all-encompassing sustainable development policy.

By focusing on over seven essential areas, it supports the overall expansion of all targeted sectors. Due to this, the Kingdom is now growing at an accelerated rate and is no longer subject to deficits or inflation that both nearby and far-off nations experience.

NEOM has set a new standard for cities all around the world by completing its range of destinations and options. The announcement of Aquellum has confirmed NEOM’s commitment to excellence, uniqueness, and modernity. By incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies into its facilities, NEOM has created an urban city that is truly one-of-a-kind. This achievement is a testament to the power of innovation and the limitless potential of human ingenuity.

Additionally, it fosters an atmosphere that integrates innovation, creativity, entertainment, sports, and tourism—all while protecting the environment and abiding by international agreements to cut greenhouse gas emissions. The Kingdom unveiled a unique initiative that would preserve the environment and uphold international agreements to cut petrol emissions on the fringes of the COP28 Forum in Dubai.


A Dive Beyond the Original

As a representation of environmentally conscious travel in the Kingdom, NEOM has worked to bring innovative tools and resources to the world through the Aquilem project. Visitors will enjoy a unique vertical transportation experience at a height of 100 metres. They are transported from the water canal to the complex via a magnificent garden.

This digital society will establish a remarkable vital interconnection using a smooth blending and harmony between lodging options including hotels, flats, stores, spaces for amusement and leisure, and innovation hubs.

A Vibrant Aquilem Street winds through a large park, linking several community areas, top-notch lodging establishments, immersive art exhibits, events, retail establishments, and dining places.

The location also has “The Generator,” a unique area where inventors and creative thinkers can access exclusive research facilities that offer a stage for reimagining the future.

In addition, it features a multidirectional internal transportation system that makes it easier for people to access the upper floors, shuttles guests and residents to their hotels and residences, and leads them to rooftop gardens with breathtaking views of the coast.

The development and completion of Aquilem will adhere to sustainable practices and innovative design principles that complement the area’s coastal setting. In keeping with NEOM’s dedication to protecting the environment.


Aquellum embodies Neom’s Futuristic Vision

Aquilem unquestionably joins a lengthy list of works and projects within Vision 2030 that will propel the Kingdom into a new era of technological, cognitive, economic, and sporting development.

These projects will also serve as a springboard for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the 2034 World Cup and serve as the means of achieving the best hosting in Expo 2030.