Al-Anan Resort: A Brand-New Location in NEOM
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Saudi Arabia

Al-Anan Resort: A Brand-New Location in NEOM that Mixes Tourism with Recovery



Al-Anan Resort: A Brand-New Location in NEOM, Mixes Tourism with Recovery. One of the newest travel destinations that stands out for being.

NEOM recently announced the opening of Al Anan Resort. It is one of the newest travel destinations that stands out for being. Situated on the immaculate Gulf of Aqaba shoreline—where the allure of the sea and the beauty of the mountains collide.

Fundamentally, it employs a cutting-edge strategy that supports healing and wellness. It incorporates the newest advanced technologies into an opulent setting. Moreover, it provides guests with the best possible opportunities for rest and reflection.


Al-Anan Resort Location

Al-Anan Resort sits where the mountains meet the sea, while also overlooking a beautiful oasis nourished by the region’s old natural springs.

The resort has 80 private rooms and suites. With an emphasis on expanding the luxury style and delivering services, they meet the highest standards and new concepts.

Al Annan’s facilities provide a wide range of options for guests to engage in restorative and recreational activities in an ideal setting. It delivers the greatest levels of comfort and tranquillity thanks to the utilisation of cutting-edge technology.

Al Anan Resort will make use of the most recent advancements in contemporary design technology. It provides its guests with the utmost comfort, all while maintaining an architectural vision grounded in innovations in harmony with nature.

The resort unfolds with its distinctive modern designs that mesh well with the surroundings and provide guests and visitors with a stunning visual palette. Additionally, it will include incredibly realistic carvings of people that resemble the surrounding natural scenery. It has excellent creative artistic abilities.

The path of healing and rejuvenation will commence in the embrace of peaceful nature, providing visitors with an unforgettable experience.

While visiting the resort, visitors may take in the breathtaking views from the top of the Discovery Tower, stroll around the expansive courtyards, dine at some unique restaurants, and unwind in the garden.


NEOM Projects

The “Al-Anan” project will join the latest projects NEOM recently announced including: “Zardon”, “Lega”, “Epcon”, “Sirana”, “Otamo”, “Norlana”, and “Aquilem”.

These initiatives exemplify NEOM’s dedication to achieving long-term success. It creates diversified tourism destinations that respect the environment and cater to the demands of a wide range of tourists.


About “NEOM

“NEOM” is a bold step forward for humankind and a manifestation of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. It shows what the new future will look like.

It is nestled on the shore of the Red Sea in northwest Saudi Arabia. This city is being constructed from the ground up to be a thriving hub where the future is determined by the entrepreneurial spirit.

“NEOM” will encompass several cities, ports, business districts, research facilities, sports and entertainment venues, and tourism attractions.

It will draw trailblazers, business leaders, and businesses to investigate, nurture, and commercialise novel technologies and ventures in creative ways.