Orouba Park Riyadh's Vision for a Greener and Sustainable Future
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Saudi Arabia

Orouba Park Riyadh’s Vision for a Greener, More Sustainable Future



Orouba Park, which is thriving in the centre of Saudi Arabia, marks the start of a new era of sustainability and beauty.

Orouba Park, which is thriving in the centre of Saudi Arabia, marks the start of a new era of sustainability and beauty.

This enormous park, which covers more than 754,000 square metres, is essential to the Green Riyadh initiative.

The project’s objective is to make Riyadh a desirable travel destination with an excellent standard of living and a sustainable environment.


Orouba Park’s Green Terraces and the Open Theatres

Orouba Park is a hub of art and culture because of its large green terraces and public squares that hold festivals and activities.

In addition, it has several sporting facilities for people of all ages, which promotes social contact and a sense of community.


Afforestation and Water Bodies

The Park improves the city’s vegetation by planting more than 600,000 trees and plants, which cover 65% of its surface.

The permanent water bodies and the Laysen Valley, which flows through the park, offer natural beauty and ecological richness to the visiting experience.


Panoramic Path and Modern Technologies

The panoramic route, which is 3 km long and 12 metres high, provides breathtaking views of the city’s monuments and is a popular attraction.

The integration of new technology, such as augmented reality, helps to provide visitors with a unique interactive experience.


Sustainability and Innovative Design

The architecture of Orouba Park illustrates Riyadh’s dedication to sustainability, taking into account both environmental and aesthetic criteria.

The design emerged following a competition in which six foreign candidates competed, providing the park with both an aesthetic and inventive dimension.


A Vibrant Place with a Comprehensive Vision

Orouba Park’s advantageous location and convenient accessibility from all areas of the city contribute to its significance as a hub for leisure and entertainment.

The garden is a component of the broader Green Riyadh Programme, which also involves the planting of trees in internal streets and residential areas, the construction of 1,350 km of water networks for irrigation, and the yearly production of 3 million trees and shrubs.

Riyadh exhibits its dedication to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future with Orouba Park. It helps to make the city one of the most sustainable in the world by striking a balance between environmental preservation and urban growth.

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