The Abha Valley Tourism Project Aims to Revitalise Asir's Tradition
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Saudi Arabia

The Abha Valley Tourism Project Aims to Revitalise Asir’s Traditional Culture



To develop the Abha Valley in Asir, Saudi Arabia established the Ardara Company under Vision 2030, the country's southernmost region.

To develop the Abha Valley in Asir, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established the Ardara Company under Vision 2030, the country’s southernmost region. The Prime Minister, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and the Public Investment Fund spearheaded this initiative.

The Kingdom’s government is moving more quickly to modernise the southern regions. This is because Prince Mohammed bin Salman has initiated the Al-Soudah Peaks Plan, which aims to create an opulent tourism destination in the Kingdom’s highest mountains.

As per Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, the Chairman of the Ardara Board of Directors, the Valley Project holds significant importance in augmenting the local economy and creating jobs.

According to Shura Council member Fadl Al-Buainain, the development of the Abha Valley would boost Asir’s tourism industry and promote the city’s rich cultural legacy.


Abha Valley Combines Business and Leisure Attraction

Visitors may have a unique experience in Wadi Abha Village, which provides a variety of amenities such as business districts, luxury hotels, sports facilities, entertainment venues, and commercial spaces.

The Crown Prince supports and encourages the display of this historical history, all enclosed in a distinctive architectural style that captures the identity and tradition of the wealthy Asir area.

Up to 2030, an increase of 19 billion riyals, or $5 billion, will occur as a result of the Abha Valley Project to support the non-oil economy.

Additionally, it will contribute to the creation of thousands of jobs, which will improve the local and national economies, have a good effect on the tourist industry, and raise the sector’s share of the GDP.


Abha Valley Project’s Figures

The New Valley project is also an excellent choice for living and sustainability in the Asir region since it spans 2.5 million square metres and has an engineering design influenced by the region’s old tradition.

The project meets environmental criteria while also boosting quality of life by including 30% green space, 16 km of water bodies, and 17 km of sports corridors, as well as cultural and community events.

The company intends to develop five major areas with distinct characteristics, with the first phase featuring over 2,000 diverse residential units, including luxury apartments and villas, as well as luxury hotels, commercial spaces, and business areas designed to reflect the region’s identity and rich heritage.

Regarding Ardara, it offers both domestic and foreign investors a variety of investment options in the fields of hospitality, the arts, culture, cuisine, agriculture, and entertainment.

These opportunities are part of the Public Investment Fund’s plan to grow the Kingdom’s promising industries, particularly in the travel and entertainment sectors.

By 2030, the initiative hopes to boost Saudi Arabia’s economy’s diversification, raise the country’s non-oil GDP by over 19 billion riyals, and generate thousands of new jobs.


Asir Region Will Attract 8 Million Tourists

The Asir area aspires to be a top tourism destination on a worldwide scale, distinguished by a unique balance of authenticity and modernity while capitalising on its gorgeous natural sites.

By 2030, the Asir development strategy hopes to triple the present number of visitors to leisure tourism, reaching up to 8 million people.

Asir will become a popular travel destination for people looking for outdoor activities and cultural and recreational tourist experiences because of this expansion, which is concentrated in the local entertainment and foreign tourism sectors.

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