Walid Elmusrati is an Influencer and Content Creator
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Walid Elmusrati, an Influencer and Content Creator, tells Arabisk London that the Key to Success in Influence is Tenacity and a Willingness to Take Risks



Walid Elmusrati is a rising star in the rapidly evolving field of digital media, where limits are becoming less clear for innovation.

Walid Elmusrati is a rising star in the rapidly evolving field of digital media, where limits are becoming less clear for innovation. His tale is one of inspiration, embodying boundless passion and creativity that knows no bounds.

Walid’s story unfolds as a contemporary drama that talks of an unwavering enthusiasm and ambition that pushes the boundaries of digital content, from Libya to the vast skyline of Dubai.

We examine Walid Elmusrati’s inspirational journey in an exclusive interview with Arabisk London, from his inquisitive beginnings to attaining a prominent position in the digital media realm.


Interviewed by: Baidaa Qatlish


Tell us about your background in digital media and how you got started. Why did you decide on this career path?

I had a strong desire to become a broadcaster and began my career in digital media at a young age since I loved watching television.

I loved reading and media in general, and when I was nine years old, I worked as a reporter for a children’s magazine.

Since blogs first appeared on the Internet, I have been a blogger. I also started a digital radio station where I have conducted interviews with numerous Arab and foreign musicians.

All of this was taking place while I was still in school, working in total secrecy and locking my room door.

I eventually discovered that I was completely immersed in this universe, which I adored.


What methods did Walid Elmusrati employ to bring your love of media and your studies in dentistry together, and how did you manage to make it work?

Media and education have always been my passions.

My online work and studies took up much of my attention, so I didn’t have much time for leisure.

I saw the birth of social media networks after receiving my dental degree, opening accounts on all the new sites that sprang up.

Having worked on TV shows and channels for many years, I became well acquainted with celebrities and began managing their accounts.

I spent much of my day studying and using digital media. It was a blessing for me to become a dentist and work in Lebanon for five years.

Furthermore, I put all of my efforts into both fields despite their disparities because I was also beginning to get notoriety in the media at the same time.


Which industry, in your opinion—the media or dentistry—are you having a bigger influence on, and why?

Given that I do not actively practise dentistry, I believe my influence in the media is higher.

That being said, this does not imply that I have given up on medicine entirely; I might eventually go back to it from a new angle.


What is your approach to selecting content topics, and what steps do you take to ensure high-quality material?

In addition to creating content, my love for travel and experiencing new locations stems from my desire to learn more about the local cultures in the nations and towns I visit.

I aim to blog about anything that interests me while I’m travelling, and I have a lengthy list of places, things I want to write about, and experiences I want to share.

Giving each topic adequate time to be presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner is my primary focus so that everyone, young or old, can access and grasp the material.


Your career will change as a result of the “Without Borders” programme. Tell us about your career-impacting experience from this programme.

One of the most notable turning points in my life was the “Without Borders” programme.

At a young age, I found myself in front of cameras, learning how to deal with them from the famous Cyrine Abdel Nour.

The terms ‘influencer’ and ‘content creator’ were unfamiliar at the time, but I suddenly found myself in the world of fame that I had fantasised about since boyhood.


Walid Elmusrati has offered a lot of original concepts for TV shows. Tell us about your background in this area and the standout concepts you’ve recently put forth.

My love of reality television and television shows inspired me to develop fresh concepts and alter the seasons of the show.

I have always given my opinions as a viewer and lover of these shows, and many of them have been used in reality TV series, because of my contacts in the industry.


Which destinations have you seen the most while travelling the world, and how have your travels enriched your content?

One of my favourite places to travel in Europe is Switzerland, although there isn’t a favourite spot because every nation and city has a distinct personality.

At times, I get captivated with unfamiliar locations, and at other times, I’m let down by places that don’t live up to my expectations on social media.


How did your time as a featured influencer at Expo 2020 in Dubai go, and how did it affect your life?

Dubai’s Expo 2020 was a landmark event that profoundly changed my life.

Although I wasn’t based there, my early attendance at the event influenced my decision to relocate to Dubai.

Expo 2020, which took place over six months, delivered the most incredible exposition in history to the world, embodying the sensation of travelling and living in an entirely different universe.


What kind of legacy would Walid Elmusrati like to leave as a public figure or media personality?

To be honest, it’s a tough question, but I hope that people remember me for the happiness and love I want to spread via my work.


What attributes do you believe make you a great influencer, and what advice would you provide to people looking to become influencers?

Two of the most essential attributes that contribute to my success as an influencer are my determination to attain goals and my willingness to take chances.

In terms of advice, the most crucial elements are consistency and dedication, as the digital media industry demands a significant investment of time and energy.


What drew you to Dubai as your place of residence, and what impact does this choice have on your career?

Dubai is my love and passion, and it has given me the ability to pursue my aspirations and broaden my horizons.

Dubai’s positive vibe and creatively stimulating environment motivate me to develop myself and give it my all.

I can dedicate myself to innovation in a variety of sectors thanks to my pleasant lifestyle here, which keeps me moving forward and helps me reach my objectives.


What are Walid Elmusrati’s long-term goals, both personal and professional?

I am working on several projects at the moment. A year ago, I started my firm that creates corporate content. In the future, I want to grow my clientele and pursue new professional endeavours, all while emphasising innovation and quality in all I do.

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