Asma Bin Saeed Expands the Real Estate Market in Dubai
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Asma Bin Saeed Expands the Real Estate Market in Dubai by Launching a New “Marawa Real Estate” Branch



Asma Bin Saeed, a businesswoman from Tunisia, founded Marawa Real Estate to give her clients an outstanding experience.

Asma Bin Saeed, a businesswoman from Tunisia, founded Marawa Real Estate to give her clients an outstanding experience by developing luxurious residences of the highest calibre and offering all-inclusive services that fulfil their desires.


An Ideal Location in the Centre of Dubai:

One of the world’s most competitive real estate markets, Marawa Real Estate sets right in the centre of Dubai.

Due to its advantageous location, the company is able to offer luxury residential projects that satisfy the demands of the changing market and provide inhabitants with an outstanding lifestyle. It also has access to the best real estate developments in the city.


Superiority in the Real Estate Development Process:

At every stage of the real estate development process, Marawa Real Estate understands the value of quality.

The company’s ideas and meticulous attention to detail set their projects apart, guaranteeing a luxurious, safe, and pleasant living space.


Future Development Strategy:

Marawa Real Estate relies on a deliberate development approach to offer distinctive real estate developments. They blend in with Dubai’s ever-changing real estate market.

The business plans to accomplish this by:

  • Acquiring desirable land parcels by collaborating with prominent Dubai developers to secure unique land parcels in advantageous locations.
  • Forming strategic alliances to create outstanding real estate projects in Dubai with well-known landowners.


Strategic Development Management Services:

Major investors and landowners can receive strategic development management services from Marawa Real Estate.

The business collaborates closely with them to guarantee that the best potential investment returns become apparent by:

  • Create a thorough business plan that addresses every facet of the project’s development, from funding to marketing and sales.
  • Ensure accurate and efficient project implementation by overseeing every stage of the project and providing oversight throughout.
  • Offering development, engineering, marketing, sales, and operations as part of integrated services.


Increasing the Scope of Agency Services:

Marawa Real Estate commits to growing and enhancing the services it offers to its customers, and these services consist of:

  • Purchasing and selling: The business offers its customers the finest pricing while assisting them in the purchase and sale of real estate in Dubai.
  • Leasing: It guarantees that its clients locate dependable tenants by offering rental management services.
  • Management: The business assures its clients of the upkeep and security of the properties while offering them real estate management services.
  • Investment consultancy: Marawa offers its clients investment consultancy services to assist them in making wise real estate investment decisions.


An Exceptional Partner for an Exceptional Life:

With its dedication to delivering ground-breaking real estate projects and great services that help its clients realise their goals, Marawa Real Estate lives up to its tagline, “An exceptional partner for an exceptional life.”

It believes that reaching this objective calls for constant business growth and service development to satisfy the demands of Dubai’s expanding market.

Through its dedication to the highest standards of quality and innovation, the company also hopes to solidify its position as a trustworthy strategic partner in the real estate industry.


Asma Bin Saeed: a Renowned Entrepreneur

With a wealth of real estate development expertise and outstanding business management abilities, Mrs. Asma Bin Saeed sets the standard for excellence at Marawa Real Estate.

Asma Bin Saeed is an inspiration to everyone around her. Since she exhibits an unmatched dedication to reaching the company’s objectives and giving her clients a remarkable experience.

Asma Bin Saeed is eager to stay committed to her goals and keep growing the business. So that, permanently establish its place as a leader in the luxury residential projects industry.

Mrs. Asma Bin Saeed believes in the company’s ability to attain greater success and encourages her employees to innovate and give their all.