Stories from Arabia Participating in London Fashion week
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Stories from Arabia Participating in London Fashion week



Arabisk London – Stories From Arabia

By: Shiffa Alaa

Stories from Arabia will be set on 16th September as the largest platform encompassing elite fashion designers from Arabia during London Fashion Week. The vision of this unique platform is to indulge London in Middle Eastern culture and expose the incredible work of designers from Arabia.

The founder of Stories from Arabia Jalila Elmastouki said:” I believe that we are in the right path to bring more diversity to the fashion industry in U.K” and she added, “I am privileged to hear from our designers how Stories from Arabia has helped them to expose their talents internationally”.

Nine designers from The Middle East will take the global stage at London Fashion Week to showcase their intricate collections rich in traditional techniques, bold with the colours of their region and an overall ode to their root.

RAYAN: ATELIER ZUHRA Swan Lake Collection

Inspired by Swan Princess of the art of Mosaic

“Never Ending elegance” This collection is a fairytale, it embodies the search of true love. Sheer fabrics including lace and tulle melded with considered mosaic elements in a soft colour pallet.


Inspired by the structure of Arabic houses and the curves of their doors, this is reflected in the shapely silhouettes throughout the collection. A burst of flamingo, beige, fuchsia, purple, magic mint and mastered colours that represent the scene of the sunset in the yard during the Spring.  Meticulous embroidery adorns the pieces with ‘Behind every door is love’ in Arabic.

“Showing at LFW is breaking the chains between the cultures. Being in such an event it is one of the most incontournable platforms for artists and designers.”


This collection is inspired by the sunrise. Using luxe leather and cashmere, the combination of textures and colours exudes the warmth of the morning. The elegance of the collection lies in it’s simplicity of staple pieces that can compliment every wardrobe.

“After I have started my way in the fashion in my home country Saudi Arabia, I chose to continue my next station in United Kingdom as it has many other nationalities there and for the nice combination of the multi-national fashion there, in an important place in the fashion world. And it’s important to me as an Arab Saudi fashion designer to present the beautiful and luxurious femininity and intellectual advancement.”


Inspired by the grey atmosphere of the Spring. A collection that exudes luxury with hand made garments with 3D embroidery and red crystal rocks. A multiple of silhouettes from A-line to mermaid.

“A collection of special work has been done by the finest fabrics and the finest crystals, This collection means a lot to me, it is a beginning of a new vision.”


Inspired by an intense embroidery technique that requires a lot of colours. The mixture between the colours used represent the designers’ heritage and express their lifestyle.

“Our slogan is “Twist of heritage” which means modernizing the traditional fashion designs by adding our touch to the piece, and we aiming to maintaining our traditional legacy. It’s a great honor for me to show my designs and collection in LFW, as I want to expose the Arabic oriented, modern and traditional clothes to the whole world”



Crafted by Nature; a pure silk handmade ready-to-wear luxury fashion brand. Introducing a very unique line combining a colourful design to the traditional black Abaya, in addition to a magnificent fine bridal and elegant soirée dresses collection.

FARFALLA is launching the brand with its’ first collection “Volare” this London Fashion Week for the SS/19 season inspired by the butterfly; the icon of breath taking shapes and colour formulations, a natural pattern of elegancy and beauty like no other!


The collection is inspired by traveling in time and space. The Caftan brings us back to the past, where everything is sensual, it transports us towards the Eastern part of the world, to places of luxurious drapery and profound colour.

“I like designing Caftans that I would wear myself, Caftans that are contemporary but with a hint of the past. Usually through the details I like to use ‘3qads’ for example, which are buttons made of silk thread and golden thread. I also like clean and fluid cuts that I believe embellishes any silhouette.

I design modern caftans with the spirit of the past. I like to use noble fabrics such as silk brocade, silk drapes, crepe and velvet. The material really is the starting point of a Caftan; if it’s already beautiful, well woven and elegant, it will embellish the finished product.”


Garden of Hope is the first collection of Maison BELK by Meriem Belkhayat. It is a new style of ready to wear with a Moroccan touch waiting to be born. Delicate fabrics bring this desirable collection to life: silk, crepe de chine, lace and organza.

It is known for gardens to bring a touch of Colour, Nature and Love to our lives. Hope is the path to happiness, its shaping our future. This collection was inspired by the bright part of life and the colours of nature.


“This is my first collection and it’s based on all my experiences as stylist and everything I’ve loved sensually. The collection is full of tulle to explore femininity with a modern twist. The mix of classic and edge – that’s the brand signature.”