Saudi cultural attaché holds a meeting with scholarship recipients in Britain
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Saudi cultural attaché in London holds a video meeting with male and female scholarship recipients in Britain



Dr. Amal Bint Jamil Fatani

Dr Amal Bint Jamil Fatanin, Saudi cultural attaché at the Kingdom’s of Saudi Arabia embassy in London, held an open meeting, via video link, organized by the administration of the Saudi Students Club in London, with a number of male and female scholarship recipients and self-paid students in the UK.

The Saudi Club in London presented a summary of its activities. Then, Dr Fatani answered the participants’ questions and inquiries about many issues that concerned both male and female students. In addition, in cooperation with the directors of the cultural attaché departments, the discussion included appropriate solutions to a number of difficulties.

At the end of the meeting, Dr Fatani thanked all the participants for their constant eagerness to learn and take all positive sides and benefit from the scholarship journey. She also urged them to obtain the best knowledge in their scientific specialities and present the best, true and honourable image of their country with all responsibility.

In her speech, Dr Fatani affirmed that Saudi students are the arms of the nation and development in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan and the best ambassadors for this generous country.

Earlier, the cultural attaché participated in the first virtual meeting organized by the Sheffield Club members attended by a number of Saudi students from several universities. The Sheffield club gave a presentation about its most important achievements. It was followed by an open meeting regarding students’ inquiries, proposals, challenges that face them in their scientific careers, and the best-proposed solutions to overcome those difficulties and issues.