Media Reach Literally Reaches New Heights
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Media Reach Literally Reaches New Heights



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Over the past year Covid-19 has dominated the headlines and numerous influencers have made videos conveying the government’s message in various ways. Only Media Reach was sought after by the UK government to form a TV partnership which made 22 unique ads airing them on more than twenty BAME-focused channels ranging from well-known Indian channels, such as Star (now Utsav), Sony Pictures and ZEE TV, to popular Pakistani channels such as Hum and Geo, to name a few.

Other channels included Bengali Channel S, Phoenix TV, European channel Record Europa, and Afro Caribbean channels such as Yanga.

Media Reach

Faith-based channels were also invited to participate. Even young ethnic channels such as Brit Asia participated and called upon Apache Indian BEM to convey the UK government’s key message to young British Asians.

All of the presenters used for the campaign were specifically chosen as they genuinely appealed to the audiences who needed to understand the government had made tremendous progress, and the vaccine would be rolled out initially to the most vulnerable. People would be contacted when it was their turn.

Within four weeks, all ads were filmed, edited, approved, and on air.

Undoubtedly, the campaign has proven to be successful and appreciated by people of all ages and groups across the country.

Having created something so unique and bespoke is unlike anything done by one media house, and Media Reach has been the only one to fulfil such a task historically.

The fact that they focused on more than just the South Asian community, including the Portuguese, the Black and Afro Caribbean communities, as well as the Chinese demographic, is unique and the first of its kind.

When asked about the campaign, Saad Al Saraf, Media Reach’s CEO

, said, ‘It is vital to accommodate all cultures and communities when building a successful campaign. Creating something to tick a box does not serve any purpose. A successful campaign is not always about the number of views, but the physical impact it has.’

Javed Hussain, Media Reach’s director commented

, ‘The success of this campaign was down to understanding the editorial needs of the people, and creating relevant content, and I am delighted by the response so far.