The International Coffee & Chocolate Expo !
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“More than just a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate” – The International Coffee & Chocolate Expo!




Imagine yourself surrounded by all kinds of chocolate, mixed with delicious cream and fine sugary powder, with all their magical tastes. It is not just a childish dream or imaginary journey, because if it is, then dreams can come true at the International Coffee & Chocolate Expo!

Each year, chocolate and coffee lovers, as well as ice cream and sweets enthusiasts, get a chance to experience the latest goods in the international market. They also get to attend workshops to learn more about the art in how these products are made. All of this occurs during the biggest coffee and chocolate exhibition in the Middle East. The Expo is accredited by the Specialty Coffee Association and recognised by the UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.

This exhibition, launched in 2014, allows business pioneers to meet the heads of the biggest companies in this industry through scheduled meetings on the exhibition’s sides. The International Coffee & Chocolate Expo provides the perfect environment for trade deals between merchants and participating companies.

The International Coffee & Chocolate Expo saw a remarkable attendance through its 5-day period in 2020 at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center. More than 300 local and international participants came from more than 40 nations from all around the world. The fair held the International Coffee Conference among its many activities and the Saudi Arabia Barista Championship, which meets globally recognised standards.

The International Coffee & Chocolate Expo!

The International Coffee & Chocolate Expo

The Expo aims to attract investors, suppliers and those looking for new investments in this vital sector. It also aims to display the latest equipment, products, and related services to suppliers and the public, while also providing a platform for launching new products, creating opportunities for business development, opening new horizons for entrepreneurs, and promoting brands and increasing sales opportunities.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s choice as host for this exhibition is mainly because “Riyadh” is recognised as one of the largest consumers of coffee and chocolate in the Middle East. It consumes a 40% share of the GCC market. The Kingdom’s annual consumption of coffee is valued at more than SR1bn and more than SR500mn in chocolate.

The main organiser of the exhibition, part of the Konrad International Organisation, won the Excellence Award for the years 2013-2015. Founded in 1999,  it has become one of the most successful event management and marketing companies in the Kingdom in the past 17 years.

The exhibition provides an ideal environment for concluding agreements and coordination between participating international and local companies. It also holds side meetings with Saudi youth who are owners of investment projects in the coffee and chocolate sector to discuss cooperation opportunities in the future. It also pushes the participants to expand their investments in this field and achieve future ambitions by entering the global market or participating in exhibitions related to coffee and chocolate producers, as well as learning about new equipment, mechanisms and devices designed to prepare these two products.

Of participating groups, coffee and chocolate products and their factories are on top of the list, followed by equipment and machinery for these products, packaging and packing companies, specialised coffee, toasters and raw products, coffee and chocolate accessories, hospitality and decorations, cafes and their equipment, hot and cold drinks, bakeries, pastries, and sweets and dates.

“More than just a cup of coffee or a piece of chocolate.”

This is how the exhibition visitors describe their impression after visiting and learning how each exhibition’s items made. Exhibitors focus on the Arab market, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because its market is a large consumer of chocolate.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ranks among the world’s highest in per capita consumption of coffee. The annual quantities of imported coffee to the Saudi market are estimated at 10,000 tons. The Saudis spend, on average, SR1bn annually on coffee which may be over 60,000 tons, according to estimates by the Ministries of Environment, Water and Agriculture.

While Saudi Arabia accounts for 50% of the total regional market, it alone is ranked first in cocoa consumption among Arab countries. The size of the chocolate and coffee markets in Saudi Arabia currently exceed SR4 bn. The number of factories specialising in manufacturing chocolate in the Kingdom exceeds 160.