Jordan: An ideal destination for winter tourism in the Middle East
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Jordan: An ideal destination for winter tourism in the Middle East




A cup of hot coffee with a charming view of one of the most beautiful natural areas worldwide. That is how the fun winter break is in Jordan.

In one country full of distinctive activities in the Arab world, winter lovers can enjoy the most beautiful landscapes in a very diverse environment, in an atmosphere of luxury where there are many distinctive hotels ready to receive tourists and provide them with the best services.

Jordan’s reputation is not only for natural tourism with highly diverse environments, nor for historical and heritage tourism as a place of succession for great civilizations, but also for therapeutic tourism as an important attraction for tourists.

Jordan is therefore characterized by many tourist features that make it a destination for all tourism lovers in the world.

Jordan’s most popular tourist spot

Jordan contains many historical, archaeological, and tourist monuments, as well as many natural springs and sulphur water that are useful for treating many diseases. Jordan is also characterized by its scenic nature and its people’s good manners with tourists. Jordan is also characterized by its geographical location, which is central to three continents, and by its favourable climate in all seasons. Jordan has infrastructure equipped to receive tourists from hotels, roads, transport and restaurants.


Petra is one of the most attractive tourist areas in Jordan, a historic city steeped in rocks built over 2,000 years ago by Antabat to be the capital of their country, and has been a witness to the human miracle that exits cities from the bellies of the mountains. Petra is known as the pink city due to the colour of the rocks that make up its unique and distinctive construction and is one of the seven new wonders of the world.

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Jordan, characterized by its scenic nature, embodied in a sea that has no organisms due to the density of its salts. Its saline water is used to treat many diseases. Thousands of tourists visit the Dead Sea every year.

The Aqaba

Aqaba is located at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba 360 km south of Amman, where a visitor can enjoy the amazing world of the sea and practice their hobbies of swimming, water skiing, fishing, sailboat driving and other water sports. Aqaba has a great deal of scenic tourism, such as the Golden Sand City, the Palm and the most beautiful winter tourist resorts in front of the Red Sea.


One of the most famous antiquities of Roman civilization of ancient heritage, and one of the few cities in the world that has preserved all its features to this day; the city’s courtyards, streets, columns, and archaeological theatres.


The Kingdom of Jordan’s hotels are characterized by their outstanding level and high-level services.

1. Amman Rotana Hotel

Amman Rotana Hotel is one of the best hotels in Amman, Jordan. Amman Rotana is located in the new downtown area of Amman, where the business, housing and social centre are located. The hotel is the first hotel tower in Jordan. 

2. One Thousand and One Nights Hotel

The One Thousand and One Nights Hotel is located in Amman, 2.5 km from the Turkish One Thousand and One Nights bathroom, while the hotel features a chair and sauna. Guests can enjoy a meal at the restaurant. It is one of Amman Jordan’s finest hotels.

3. The Boulevard Arjaan by Rotana

The Boulevard Arjaan by Rotana is located in the new downtown – Abdali in the centre of Amman’s commercial district and offers exquisite rooms. The hotel is located three km from the Roman Temple of Hercules and the Corinthian column. It is located 28 km from Queen Aliya International Airport. 

4. InterContinental Amman (Jordan), an IHG Hotel

One of Amman Jordan’s finest hotels. It combines contemporary facilities with local features, offers elegant accommodation in the Amman Diplomatic District, features a pool surrounded by palm trees, a lavish indoor swimming pool and a spa with a hot tub and massage treatments.

5 – The Four Seasons Hotel Amman

The Four Seasons Hotel Amman is one of the most prestigious hotels, up a hill in Amman, providing luxury accommodation with panoramic views of the city, including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a C & A and a squash stadium. In addition, the concierge office in Four Seasons Hotel Amman can arrange local exploratory trips and provide you with the information you may need during your stay in Amman, location, value for money.