Britain and Bahrain; a Joint Meeting to Strengthen and Support Bilateral Relations Britain and Bahrain; a Joint Meeting to Strengthen and Support Bilateral Relations
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Britain and Bahrain; a Joint Meeting to Strengthen and Support Bilateral Relations



Bahrain and the United Kingdom share historical and distinguished relations and cooperation on the commercial, tourism, educational, medical and other levels. This British-Bahraini partnership dates back to ancient history, as Bahrain is considered a regional headquarters for a large number of British companies, commercial and financial institutions, and British banks with international activity, with huge capital and investments.


In the framework of strengthening cooperation, the British Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa, Tariq Ahmed, visited the Kingdom of Bahrain to participate in the meeting of the Bahraini-British Joint Committee. Tariq Ahmed also met with the Bahraini Foreign Minister, Abdullatif bin Rashid al-Zayani, where they discussed the strategic partnership relations between the two countries, and ways to upgrade them in all fields to serve common goals and interests. In addition, they also discussed the developments in the political and security situation in the region, as well as current challenges in the regional and international arenas, and issues of common interest.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Supports Bilateral Relations with Britain
Al-Zayani affirmed that the bilateral friendship between the two countries is a unique asset for both countries and the two friendly peoples, praising the good efforts made by the committee to strengthen relations of friendship and joint cooperation.
Al-Zayani said: “This meeting comes at a time of great and varied challenges for our countries, regions and the world at large, including slowdown in economic activity and climate change, in addition to the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and Europe, this confirms the importance and value of joint work with friends and allies to overcome challenges, promote our common interests in peace, security and prosperity, and prepare to seize future opportunities.”
He continued, “We, in the Kingdom of Bahrain, see our relationship with the United Kingdom as an essential element in this process, based on the deep trust and mutual respect between the two countries, as well as extensive and effective cooperation across many fields and sectors.”


Britain Looks Forward to Strengthening Cooperation with the Kingdom of Bahrain
Lord Tariq Ahmed affirmed the United Kingdom’s keenness to enhance joint cooperation between the two countries to serve their mutual interests, and expressed his happiness to participate in the meeting of the committee, praising the development of bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation in various fields.
He pointed out Britain’s aspiration to work jointly with the Kingdom of Bahrain to address the main issues and challenges facing the region and the world, in order to achieve security, stability and global peace. Moreover, he commended the Kingdom of Bahrain’s signing of the Abrahamic Principles Agreement and its support for efforts aimed at promoting peace, stability and prosperity for all peoples of the region.

The meeting was also attended by the Head of the European Affairs Sector at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Ibrahim al-Qurenis, the UK Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Roddy Drummond. The two sides discussed the issues and topics on the agenda, including multilateral cooperation, the latest developments in security cooperation, aspects of enhancing trade cooperation, and the joint action plan in trade affairs.