How would wealthy figures of Gulf prefer investing their money in 2017?
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How would wealthy figures of Gulf prefer investing their money in 2017?




Investors with high financial solvency have expressed optimism over Gulf and global economies, despite pessimism toward current circumstances, a survey by the Emirates Investment Bank on wealth in the Gulf has shown.

The year 2016 has seen a sharp wave of instability in global markets, for which the repercussions spread to the Gulf states. This especially in light of the continuous decrease of oil prices as liquidity has remained relatively limited despite the reforms carried out by governments.

The survey has also shown that 85 percent of investors with high financial solvency expect stable levels or perhaps a decrease in the pace of economic performance during the current year.

It also said that 18 percent of investors believe that the negative local economic circumstances has pushed them to halt their projects.

Meanwhile, there were also optimistic expectations for the upcoming three to five years, as 75 percent of wealthy figures said they had positive views about the future of the Gulf and global economies.

The Emirates Investment Bank survey also pointed out that the investors prefer to make investments in their private projects, focusing on their development, instead of simply maintaining or freezing them. Thirty-five percent of investors dedicate a big part of their wealth for their private projects, the survey noted.

The Emirates Investment Bank report on wealth in the Gulf 2017 is based on a survey conducted with one hundred people of high financial solvency, with investment assets amounting up to over two million dollars each.