Dubai: world's second best city for expats & sixth for "Quality of Life."
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Dubai: world’s second best city for expats & sixth for “Quality of Life.”




InterNations released the Expat Insider 2022 report, in which Dubai ranked second in the list of the best cities in the world for expatriates.

According to the study, Valencia, in Spain, topped the list, followed by Dubai and Mexico City, Portuguese Lisbon in fourth place, and Spanish Madrid in fifth.

The “Expat Insider” survey included a survey of 12,000 people from 177 nationalities around the world, covering issues relating to the expats’ satisfaction with the quality of life and the ease of settling in.

Dubai comes first worldwide in the Expat Essentials Index. Expats report that it is easy to deal with the local authorities and that most of them are happy with the availability of government services online.

Additionally, 70% said they are satisfied with their jobs and believe the local business culture encourages creativity. Regarding other indicators included in the survey, in the Ease of Settling In Index, Dubai comes 8th, as expatriates expressed their happiness with their social life, and 81% of them confirmed that they feel welcome in Dubai. Dubai ranked first in the quality of life index.

Dubai comes sixth in the Working Abroad Index. Expats are happy with their job (70% satisfied) and report that the local business culture encourages creativity (78% ).

The Expat Insider study has been carried out annually, since 2017, by the company InterNations. In the 2022 survey, nearly all expats (95%) are satisfied with the infrastructure, and they rank both the culture and nightlife and the culinary variety and dining options highly.