Saudi's Major Projects: Massive Investments!
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Saudi’s Major Projects: Massive Investments!



Saudi's Major Projects: one of the largest oil producers in the world, which has placed it among the 20 largest economies in the world!

Saudi’s Major Projects: Saudi Arabia is one of the largest oil producers in the world, which has placed it among the 20 largest economies in the world!

Saudi Arabia has a bold vision that aims to increase investments across various industries and diversify its economy. It also continuously strives to showcase its quick development by initiating a sizable number of massive projects that create a prosperous future and give Saudi Arabians new opportunities.

This article highlights the most prominent major Saudi projects that are currently under construction or are on the drawing board.


What are the most prominent new Saudi’s Major Projects?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is competing with itself to finish the biggest entertainment and real estate projects—not just in the region, but globally. We’ve compiled a list of the most well-known, bold projects that stunned everyone upon their announcement!


Qiddiya Project

Qiddiya, is one of Saudi’s Major Projects, an entertainment project in Riyadh that spans 334 square kilometres. It has entailed investments totalling approximately $8 billion, is one of Saudi Arabia’s most impressive undertakings.

With over 300 entertainment venues appropriate for all age groups, this project is reportedly the largest in the area. These facilities fall into five main categories: parks and tourist attractions, sports and physical fitness, environment and nature, culture and art, and mobility and movement.


NEOM Project

The ambitious 2030 Vision includes the first Saudi significant Project, NEOM. Which opens the door for a lengthy list of significant investments. The fact that the planned location of NEOM is roughly 35 times larger than Singapore may surprise you!

There will be technology and innovation zones throughout the project in sixteen different sectors. The most well-known being biotechnology, food, manufacturing, and technology.

In addition to providing various sports facilities such as football, cricket, tennis, basketball, and others, large green spaces will be created.


Red Sea Project

The Red Sea project includes over 90 natural islands located between the areas of “Umluj” and “Al-Wajh” on the coast. The project will span more than 30,000 square kilometres and will include. In addition to the archipelago of islands, an expansive desert filled with mountain domes, historical treasures, and a dormant volcano. This will be the region’s first of its kind.

It is noteworthy that fifty international hotels—which will have 8,000 luxurious hotel rooms overall—will be open for business by 2030.

In addition, 1,300 residential units spread across 22 islands and multiple inland locations will be built, along with a yacht marina and numerous entertainment, leisure, and rest areas.


King Salman Park

The garden, which will span over 13 square kilometres in the capital Riyadh, will feature a vestibule, a bird and butterfly sanctuary, and a series of vertical gardens. Along with these features, the park will have an arts section, an open national theatre with about 8,000 outdoor seats, a cinema, art academies, museums, entertainment and sports facilities, food windows, and both domestic and foreign shops.


New Murabba Project 

Atop the list of Saudi Arabia’s biggest new construction projects is “New Murabba,” which completely revamps Riyadh’s skyline. The architectural style of Najdi served as inspiration for its design, which presents a chic and contemporary urban area that seamlessly blends the glorious past with the exciting future!

Launched in 2023 by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the new Murabba neighbourhood covers 19 square kilometres. It will offer a distinctive lifestyle because it will have residential flats, lodging facilities, business and office spaces, as well as community and recreational amenities.

It is important to remember that the Murabba neighborhood’s main structure will be 400 metres tall, 400 metres wide, and 400 metres long.


Diriyah Gate Project

Covering seven kilometres, the project aims to combine historical, cultural, and upscale living elements. The Kingdom intends to turn Diriyah, with its 300-year history and legacy, into a popular tourist destination featuring the Najdi architectural style, the world’s largest Islamic Museum, and a mud city.

King Salman Library is part of the integrated complex, which also has a tonne of retail stores, eateries, and entertainment options. After the project is finished in all of its phases, 25 million visitors per year are anticipated!


Revival of the historic Jeddah region

The last major Saudi project on the list is to develop and revitalise the historic Jeddah area. This project will restore historical buildings in the central Jeddah area. Referred to as “the country,” and also establish service facilities and spaces. The Kingdom hopes to complete this project, improve its infrastructure, and draw millions of tourists through it.

The total construction area is expected to reach 3.7 million square metres. Comprising approximately 9,300 residential units, 1,800 hotel units, and roughly 1.3 million square metres of commercial and office space. The area of entertainment, residential, commercial, hotel, and office space will measure up to 2.5 million square metres.