Fraud and corruption of the health bureau of the Kuwaiti Embassy in London
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Fraud and corruption of the health bureau of the Kuwaiti Embassy in London



Kuwait Embassy

Kuwaiti Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al Harbi announced that he will commission legal delegates to visit the health office in London and to follow the procedures and preliminary investigations in the Proceedings of the suspicion of falsifying invoices and financial claims for medical treatment in Britain . the delegates will submit their report to the minister early next week.
Including immediate measures have been taken to account the abusers and to bring the entire file to public prosecution.

ِAl Harbi added in a press release that they stopped dealing with one of the pharmacies in London, which mentioned in the preliminary investigations, as well as firing four staff in the accounts department of health office in London.

The Minister of Health expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Director of the Health Office in London and his staff of honest people who have cooperated with the Embassy of the State of Kuwait and the British police to control the incident in order to preserve public money.

The Minister of Health also issued strict instructions to review the audit system on the health offices accounting abroad through auditing offices qualified and certified according to international standards of professional and assured his commitment to to take deterrent action against any excesses or violation.